About Telangana and Its Current Movement in a Nutshell   4 comments

This is my comment taken from my fb timeline, posted in response to a query of one of my fb friends who wanted know about Telangana and what its present movement is all about.


Here it goes with some editing,

Thanks for your interest in Telangana affairs. Let me start from here, I belong to the Telangana region (which was a part of the erstwhile Independent Hyderabad state/country from 1724 up to 1948 under the Nizam rulers) of the unified Andhra Pradesh state. I’m for the demerger of the Telangana state which had been forcefully merged with the then Andhra state (which ironically, got divided itself from the Madras state in 1953) very much against the wishes and interests of the innocent, generous and gullible people from the new state of Telangana in1956. Thus the unified state of Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana) was formed on November 1, 1956.

The new fledgling state of Telangana with its excessive revenue and with the highly developed capital city of Hyderabad (which was a well known city world over even before the 50’s) was cleverly merged with the then resource crunch Andhra state with huge budget deficit and without any capital city, through intense lobbying by the then highly influential Andhra political leaders and their clever lobbyists at the central level.

The Andhra people were under British rule and so they were highly educated in English and could manage having proper contacts with the central leadership, whereas, the poor Telangana people had been under various dictatorships since the beginning, and had to eke out their miserable lives in the brutal feudal social setup nurtured by the rulers who always carried their own vested interests. So the people of Telangana were highly backward socially, politically and economically, and they could not wield much power in resisting the onslaught of those from the Andhra region who unilaterally forced the merger of the Telangana state with the then Andhra state just on the false and dubious pretext of “one language one state theory”.

Their unification attempt was in fact smacked of imperial expansion and over exploitation, and to prove that, they started exploiting the people of Telangana from the day one of the forced merger. Thousands of acres of lands in and around Hyderabad have illegally been grabbed by the business politicians and the capitalists for their imperial business expansion plans, right under the nose of the fascist Andhra rulers. Lion’s share of water has been diverted to the Andhra region by constructing big lopsided irrigation projects favoring only the Andhra farmers, leaving the people of Telangana in total and perpetual lurch. Their jobs, revenue and all kinds of resources have been usurped by the bullying Andhra elite and influential sections.

Telangana language and its dialects have always been mocked at, a very vibrant culture has been destroyed, history is perverted and the total social consciousness has been made weak, powerless and dependent at their mercy. The people of Telangana were totally discriminated against on every front, by the Andhra imperial and fascist rulers who resorted to blatant favouritism and nepotism with apparent impunity, corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats, preposterous and obnoxious elite sections, unethically rich business classes and highly depraved big shots of Tollywood. All of these sections have formed themselves into a powerful clique with the single motto of exploiting the innocent Telangana people. The native people were driven out from their own cities and towns and they were made aliens in their own lands.

The movement for the “demerger” (not “separation” as most of us believe!) of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital from the farcical, dubious and over exploitative “Imperial and fascist united Andhra Pradesh State” is a very long-standing movement (for over six decades!) for achieving self-identity, self-respect, self-rule and self-reliance is based on strong historical, socio-cultural, linguistic, political and economic reasons.

The agitation for Telangana is an anti-feudal, anti-imperial and anti-fascist movement strongly pitted against the over exploitative Andhra ruling classes and the crony capitalists.

This is about Telangana in a nutshell. I hope I made it clear in my own way as I understood, and hope you got to know something about Telangana and its movement for self-assertion!

It’s a long saga of story of exploitation, discrimination, molestation, extermination, migration, misery, hunger, suicides, and rebellion, and the list is awfully long…!

There are plenty of sites talking about Telangana issues and Telangana movement on Internet. You have to properly Google search for them, with the input of right words and phrases.

Thanks again for showing active interest in Telangana and its great long-standing movement!


4 responses to “About Telangana and Its Current Movement in a Nutshell

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  3. Sir, Thanks for above explanation. I am from Hyderabad and I see justification in your views. But just to ponder on few more things rationally
    1. You said Hyderabad was a prosperous city even before independence. But then again you said telangana region historically suffered under dictatorship and remained backward. So do you mean it was only Hyd city out of whole Telangana region which was prosperous ? If yes, then if we apply rational , it seems that taxes, cruel wealth grab by Nizams just made only Hyd city better and they did not invest for infrastructural or socio-economic development of Telangana region. This might also bring to the logic that Nizam just collected money from other regions and parked that wealth in Hyd which would then make it a surplus budget city.
    2. Also I would like to verify from you, did infrastructure present in Hyd city prior to independence help in creation of jobs, industries, etc. It will be hard to convince with any rational that salarjung museum or golconda fort or charminar would have created jobs and improved socio-economic conditions of that region. Yes industrialised Hyderabad happened after independence and we should not deny that. Now in that development, I don’t think its just people from just one region have contributed. There is contribution from people belonging to all parts of India. Nizam did not and could not bring HiTech city, Intl Air port, ISB, software labs, hospitals to our beloved city Hyd. Well if Nizam is so good, then rebellion movement against him would not have even occured.
    3. You said politicians from one region dominated political space and grabbed opportunities. There might be truth in that. But I think all TG political leaders who led the movement did enjoy high profile ministerial posts both at state and central level from 1950s to till today.. Don’t you think they have also atleast some part to play in this political domination. If yes then how can we so vehemently problem is only from people of one region.
    4. Now that our proud Telangana state is formed, are you really sure whatever political suppressal from certain sections will completely wipe off. I doubt it.
    5. You talked about culture mocking. Sorry sir, I guess we need to take this a bit light heartedly. Been an engg student from OU univ, we used to play jokes on north andhra friends about their accent and there language is also mocked in many telugu films. I think we just need to look things at a bit positive manner. May be you will believe or not, I have friends from my engineering alumni who are from villages in northern andhra where still barter system prevails. Backwardness or culture mocking cannot be attributed to one specific region
    6. In my view, people who suffered because of this agitation are common people on the road. For them, this cultural heritage, self-respect, self identity does not matter. For them earning 10 rupees to fill their empty stomachs is of paramount importance. Students lost crucial time in their academic life

    Fortunately Telangana state is granted and I hope problem would end here forever. But my mind says struggle will continue for water, power, gas and other vital resources which are required both for agricultural and industrial development. And for that leaders from both regions will have to work coherently and strive for broader level development. But I don’t see that will happen with narrow mindedness being proven since 60+ years.

    Ultimately Sir , sorry to say this, this agitation and resultant state formation will NOT resolve the problems of common man and budding students in both regions. This is my view. I might be wrong. But mark my words, for an average man in Telangana, things will be same even in Feb 22,2015 or Feb 22, 2045.

  4. Hi Sri,

    thanks for your observations.

    I’m sorry that I’m responding to your comment very late because of my busy schedule and other avocations. I kept it in abeyance on purpose and on the hope that you would meanwhile read more about our (Here I’m using the word ‘our’ because you’ve used it in the fourth point of your quite lengthy comment) Telangana history and our long and arduous struggle for attaining self-rule, self-respect and self-identity, and for securing total justice- social, political, economic and also cultural and linguistic, to our people long suppressed and oppressed under various imperial and fascist rulers and colonisers.

    I can’t help myself but really feel sorry for your lopsided understanding and views about our Telangana history, historical facts, its age old movement, and about our Telangana society as a whole!

    To begin with, I would like to share some of the videos of speeches and discussions of the ideologue of our T-movement and father of Telangana, late Prof. Jayashankar sir which I’m sure, will open your eyes and put you in perspective by bringing you nearer the truth and the stark reality.

    Here are the links-
    1. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-I- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W-qSM_r7ts
    2. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-II- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an2OlGQJ1as
    3. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on-Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-III- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD209qIh5qI
    4. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-IV- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnCs6WS3Vys
    5. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-V- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5euBFSe2wTQ
    6. Prof. Jayashankar-Facts on Telangana Merger with Andhra-1948-1956 Part-VI- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxL_HDml9uA
    7. Prof. Jayashankar-Exclusive Interview with Prof. Chakrapani-I- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MiKuViRPzA
    8. Prof. Jayashankar-Exclusive Interview with Prof. Chakrapani-II- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrotVxBhP7M
    9. Prof. Jayashankar-Exclusive Interview with Prof. Chakrapani-III- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKMObtFjmAo
    10. Prof. Jayashankar on Telangana Issues-Part-I- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6FldFlhbic
    11. Prof. Jayashankar on Telangana Issues-Part-II- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ye52BxID0

    These are some videos regarding the status, past and present of our Hyderabad city-
    1. The position in Andhra and Rayalaseema and in Kurnool before the merger- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PR1uqlgADQ
    2. Telangana mast pata on Hyderabad by Gaddar- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdbzSOp2rIM
    3. Speech by Katragadda Prasoona- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=708819512467421
    4. Pro.f Jayashankar’s Speech @ HMTV Dasha Disha- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSpjPDszLZQ

    So please watch all the videos keenly and I’m very much sure, all your doubts, misconceptions, misconceived notions and false beliefs will be dispelled once and for all!

    I agree with you on one point that Telangana has had traitors and betrayers inside it but it never dilutes its historical facts and the genuine struggles of the sons and daughters of the soil for achieving self-assertion.

    Hope I made myself clear since it’s my moral responsibility and obligation as a sensible Telanganite to set all the things surrounding Telangana right and put them in perspective!

    If you are not convinced and still carry any doubt and any false belief even after watching all the videos, I’ll be ready to give more explanations, point wise, to your comment!

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