Is “India, Unity in Diversity” a myth?!   Leave a comment


India was/is never one! There have always been multitude of Indias within one India. See for yourself which India you belong to, which platform you’re on and which banner you have been carrying- Race, Region, Colour, Religion, Sect, Caste, Creed, Class, Culture, Language or Gender, Theism, Atheism or Pantheism or Humanism, etc. But still, there has been some underlying cosmic influence/force that has been working on quite surreptitiously to bind us all together in our long march towards our destiny!

Myriad are all our ways but there has to be a common melting point where there is a healthy coalescence and confluence of all the different ideas/schools of thought! Utopia far-fetched!?

A perfect blend of proper English education with global perspective and time tested Indian cultural and traditional values will go a long way in making our country the most beautiful and enchanting place on our planet earth! What present Indian youth need is western scientific education coupled with Indian vedantic tradition as Swami Vivekananda points out.

India is always incredible and it never ceases me to marvel at it for its magnificence, and tenacious resilience and coherence for ages!

Many a people see India as enigmatic but I see it as magnetic, hypnotic and charismatic!!

India is the mother of all the races and the religions in the world. India has been the sentinel of peace, and the beacon light of world civilization since the time immemorial. We must be proud of being Indians.

About East vs. West, I should rather say India vs. West, I regret to say that it has been ingrained in us Indians that everything that is Indian (or Eastern) as the best and superior in comparison with that of the West because of the contemporary phenomena of the influx of the West towards the East, especially towards India for wisdom and enlightenment. This should never be the reason for boasting about the greatness of India, especially in the aftermath of the globalization and as a result of it, the cross cultural encounters. Of course India is very rich in its traditions, cultural heritage, and strong and solid institutions such as family, marriage and social value systems, but we cannot deny the fact that it has its own loopholes accumulated in course of its long historical march! There should not be any doubt that India is like the mother for all the nations with different racial backgrounds. It’s quite common that the children automatically get attracted towards their MOTHER, and the mother never feels so great about this, and rather shows her overwhelmingly pure joy, love and affection towards her sons and daughters who were lost in the vast ocean of time!

It’s here, only here, it was proclaimed वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्  / Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning “the whole world is a single family”, thousands of years ago with trumpet voice!!

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