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Facts about Numerology

Do you know we are all born with certain specific core numbers and these numbers always follow us like our shadows, and decide our fate, and influence our course of journey throughout our lives?!

Do you know if your name does not match with your birth date, your life and career will be a chaos?!!

Numerology, the science of numbers is always fascinating. It has its say in every bit of our lives and it has its influence on the very process of life. Being an ardent fan of the science of numbers, I have always been experimenting with the letters of the English alphabet and their corresponding numbers in analyzing scores of names of persons, places, things and events.

Remember that one single letter either added to your name or deleted from it or replaced with another letter can make a big difference in your life and career.

There is so much in our “name” and we got to tune it to ourselves according to the numbers in our birth chart.

Significance of Numerology

Many believers claim that numerology is a highly powerful tool which can be used to get an insight into our strengths and weaknesses, the hidden potentialities, unexplored talents, various obstacles in course of our life and career, relationship issues, compatibility in marriage, friendship and business partnerships, personality types and disorders, and most importantly the basic purpose of our life, thus making it easy for us to choose our perfect life path. It’s believed that numerology can help us in getting a larger picture of ourselves and our role in the vast cosmic order.

What is the theory behind Numerology?

“The principle belief of numerology is that everything in existence is comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Numerologists believe that numbers represent these varying frequencies, and that there is divine significance in the days of the calendar, dates of birth, and letters of the alphabet. It is believed that the numbers and letters associated with a person’s date of birth and name reflect vibrational frequencies associated with their specific personality and soul purpose.” (The Facts About Numerology)

Is Numerology the only solution?

Does Numerology go beyond “Karmic theory”, and insulate us from all kinds of karmic effects?

Definitely Not!

We are born with certain numbers as per the fruits of our past actions, and our actions in this life decide which numbers we will have to be born with in the next human life, if at all there will be one. The karmic theory can be taken as the strongest basis or foundation for any occult system invented or created by man in order to uplift the human being. No one, including the highest celestial beings or the heavenly gods can escape from it. So take care of what you think, say and do, they’ll definitely have their consequences, good or bad (depending on your actions), sooner or later.

So, Numerology or Astrology or Palmistry or Gemmology or Vastu or any other occult science or system works within its own boundaries / limitations set by the “karma” or the action. It’s an indisputable fact that good actions bring good results, and bad deeds result in their own consequences. Then, what is the relevance of numerology, when it can’t be taken as a total refuge for bringing some good luck to us? Numerology only acts like a catalyst for those with ‘goodness’ spread in their total being which reflects in their thoughts, words, and deeds. People with bad intentions cannot gain much through this science of numbers. Good people can aim for better, better for the best, and the best can sustain their highest and noblest qualities throughout their lives; and everyone can be good, only if one is wholeheartedly prepared for it. Here comes the help of numerology in propelling one into the right direction, prosperity and glory.

Don’t ever be in a false imagination and fancy that the science of numbers is a total panacea for all your setbacks, and you gain success overnight by simply changing one or two letters of your name. Numbers definitely have positive effects on those who have positive bent of mind, and they also act negatively on those who always brood and shelter negative thoughts.

It takes some time in anyone’s case to tune himself / herself to the vibrations (at times, very strong) of the new numbers which result in by the change of the spelling of the name or by a total name change. It varies from individual to individual for the time taken to completely realise the potential and tune oneself to his / her number, which is predominant in his / her birth chart. In someone’s case, it may be just a day or a few days; for some, it’s months; and for some others, it may be even years. There is no clear answer to this bewilderment in numerology. Numerologists can only suggest some corrections in the name by studying various numbers in one’s birth date and by comparing them with the numbers represented by the letters in the name, in order to improve the conditions of life, and for career advancement. But they can never guarantee total success, and can never promise a complete guard against all the odds and setbacks of life.

Remember, numbers have both positive and negative influences, and everything depends on how we adapt ourselves to their strong vibrations in order to shape our personalities, and to set our destiny.

We are the creators of our own Destiny (decided by our ‘Karma’ or Actions!), and the various numbers are just catalysts in our march towards excellence and glory!

Your birth date and your name are no accidents!

This is very much interesting and highly useful, try once!


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