Noble Souls and the Caste Frames   3 comments

454_Prof_JayashankarThis is originally conceived and meant as a comment to my post about Prof. K. Jaya Shankar sir on his death anniversary on my FB timeline. As I kept on typing this comment, I got more and more ideas and it has become so lengthy and (I feel) meaningful that I persuaded myself to post it on my personal blog on with the title “Noble Souls and the Caste Frames” so that it reaches the wider circles.


I appreciate further meaningful and intellectually driven views and comments which I humbly try to imbibe and internalize them.


Here it goes,

Feel sorry to say this that there are some caste zealots those who belong to the caste in which our Jayashankar sir was born, trying to confine him in that narrow caste frame and misappropriating his name, his stature and his noble contribution to the Telangana society. This is nothing but degrading the zenithal image of the towering giant of the Telangana movement and its beacon light, and the father of Telangana. Jayashankar sir never liked to be identified with his caste in academic and public life. I don’t know much about his personal life, but one thing I can say with much confidence that he was an acclaimed economist, social scientist, political philosopher, and an orator / public speaker par excellence. He was an avowed bachelor and dedicated his entire life for securing justice to the people of Telangana. He is a father figure for all the Telangana people cutting across caste, class, religious and racial barriers.


My humble request to all the caste zealots in the entire length and breadth of our country is, please don’t play caste cards with great mythological and historical figures, freedom fighters, social reformers, mass leaders, spiritual leaders and masters, and seers and sages. Just leave them alone and let them have their own special and revered space in the public memory. Please see them in the much larger picture, without any sort of boundaries, and keenly study their lives, their struggles, their trials and tribulations and how they overcame all their obstacles, setbacks and misfortunes and made a distinct mark of their own in the mythological, cultural, traditional and historical ethos of our country by dint of their sheer hard-work, dogged perseverance and indomitable spirit and thereby got their unforgettable memories etched in vast sociopolitical and spiritual consciousness.


There is no harm in making an objective analysis of the personality traits of the greatest historical figures in the context of the times in which they lived and in the backdrop of the various sociopolitical, economic, cultural, traditional, racial, regional and linguistic factors that influenced their personal growth as individuals and as the leaders of the society. Here, the caste of course, can be an effective tool in studying the shaping of the personality and the approach of the individuals towards their society as a whole since Indian society is infamous all over the world as highly fragmented characterized by innumerable caste equations. India is ever notorious for abuses, human rights violations, discrimination, monopoly, hegemony, oppression, suppression, exploitation (and this list can awfully be long!) etc., just on the basis of caste!


But just one and the same yardstick can’t be used to gage the personality traits of all the individuals. There are some who go beyond all kinds of yardsticks, and their life itself is a yardstick for others and they themselves are the most powerful and the most potent yardsticks for their lives. They are the ones who set an enviable example for others to follow by their highly imposing and exalted personalities and life stories.


So the caste can just be a fraction of the whole lot of factors that influence the personality and the life of the noble souls who come onto the earth with some noble purpose and leave after they have achieved the high goals set by they themselves for themselves, and the myriad sociopolitical, economic, cultural, traditional, racial, regional and linguistic factors surrounding them including the caste can just act as triggers and propel them always guarding against the deviations and anomalies of life. They can never decide the destiny.

The destiny always takes care of itself, as it had already been decided by the noble souls!


Kindly make your caste identities and equations purely a personal and private affair and don’t mercilessly and foolishly rub them on the greatest mythological and historical figures no matter which caste/religion they were born in. It was purely out of their choice, not by chance at all!

Noble Souls are for all and for/in all the times; and hijacking them on the name of caste, race or religion is an historical blunder and the biggest sacrilege!


It’s a pity that we still have to live in this beautiful world (In India especially) with narrow and parochial mindsets!


Any meaningful change and transition must come from above since bottlenecks are always located at the top and the bottom is always the strongest base!!

3 responses to “Noble Souls and the Caste Frames

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  1. This is the most befitting homage I have ever come across, paid to the father Telangana, Prof. Jayashankar sir (Every Telanganite feels it’s his/her bounden duty to add the salutation ‘sir’ or ‘saaru’ in pure Telangana dailect, after his name. It is out of great respect and reverence to the ideologue and the beacon light of Telangana movement.)

    It is by Bala Yugandar Chittalooru posted on his fb timeline on June 21, 2014, so intense and so profound!

    Here it goes,
    I always had an intense passion for Telangana, very acute awareness of our unique culture, customs, language, mores, rituals, human relations and most importantly the glorious history of resistance! I could feel the exploitation in every sphere of life in the ‘Colonist’ regime yet could not cohere all the elements into a sound framework/model utterly indispensable for any trenchant argument. Then I watched ‘Jaya Shankar’ Sir video on youtube (recorded perhaps in 1999 during his US visit)on Telangana… it was my Eureka moment, as it was for million others. Suddenly everything came together and even a common person could understand the Colonist model that has devastated Telangana for decades and still continuing inexorably. Soft spoken, articulate, simple, passionate as opposed to plain emotional, eternally hopeful, unflinching… every word of Sir was a veritable weapon; a weapon as powerful as magma, made in the cauldron of truth, pursuit of justice and an everlasting love for his fellow beings. His scientific positing of facts, facts of utter exploitation made one understand the enormity of devastation but made doubly determined to fight till the end what seemed a hopeless cause even as recently as the late 90’s. Calling Sir a philosopher might be a cliche but never was a cliche more true than in Sir’s case. He was indeed a philosopher who established the central tenets of the movement in dimensions of political struggle, people’s fight and philosophical dissemination. He was the exemplar who lived and breathed about ‘Telangana’ liberation all his life, never wavering, never despondent, never defeated. In Sir’s own words ‘Telangana’ movement was always alive, never stopped though there were temporary setbacks. But Sir went one better… his movement was ceaseless, uncompromising, fearless. When there was doubt there was Jaya Shankar, when there was fear there was Jaya Shankar, when there were triumphs there was Jaya Shankare, when there was pain there was Jaya Shankar… a constant compadre, comrade, teacher, philosopher, student, fighter all rolled into one.

    Yet when the elusive dream became ‘real’, Sir left us alone. Despite the intoxicating exhilaration of fulfilling a decades old dream, achieved through incredible sacrifice, there’s void in our hearts; a void of Jaya Shankar Sir’s size. Words fail to describe the depth of emotion, attachment, love, respect we feel for you… all I can say we MISS YOU!

    నా అణువణువున తెలంగాణ అని రాస్కుంట… కాని తెలంగాణ అణువణువున నువ్వే సారు! కోటి దండాలు!!

  2. I truly enjoy looking at on this site, it contains excellent blog posts. “Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war you obtain a master.” by Demosthenes.

  3. Thank you.

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