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Not Me.

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Beyond the Beyond.

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Solve-a-problemThere is no problem in this world without its own solution. If you don’t find any solution to your present problem, just know that it is not to trouble you, not to torment you. It’s only to test your patience, your fortitude and your resilience. The problem will go away on its own as the time passes.

Work is the only solution for any predicament of mankind. If you’re happy, do work; if you’re sad, do work; if you’re in low spirits, do work; if you’re on cloud nine, do work; if you’re a miserable failure, do work; and if you’re a great winner do your work. Work should always be our worship and in work lie our existence and our sustenance. The moment we stop doing any meaningful work, we are more dead than alive.

The basic root of all our sorrow, suffering, distress, feeling of let down, jealousy, ego, etc. is our attachment to the result of work we do. No doubt, many of us are great workers but what is hampering our growth is our strong bond to the results of the work. We have to take care of our work and the result will automatically take care of itself. The result will always reward those who do their work in a totally detached manner and work for the sake of work and not for the sake of a result. They visualize the result in work itself and they know very well their work is their desired result.

Self glorification is too harmful to one’s healthy personality. The more we long for it the more distant it goes. Always remember, glory always look for those who never care for it in spite of having all the prerequisites to be glorified! Many of our sufferings are due to our strong penchant for recognition. But we have to recognize the fact that recognition will definitely come to us when we let go of our ego and discard our ego-centricity!

the-best-way-to-solve-a-problemMan (and also woman!) is born on this earth to realize his/her true self and the true potentialities, not to run after the mirages of life. Life is full of traps and illusions always working their way out through the vast grounds and intricate valleys of our mindscape. We have to clear all the ways by all ourselves. We ourselves are the best judges of ourselves, we ourselves are the best advocates (both prosecutors and counsels) for ourselves and we ourselves are the best witness and we have to device our own plans and mechanisms in order to solve our problems. Outside influence can just act as a catalyst but can never be a total and foolproof solution.

We are the Creators of our own Destiny!


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