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Corrupt politicians, rogue capitalists, unethically rich business classes, highly depraved big shots of Tollywood/Bollywood or any other ‘wood’ i.e., the so called heroes (and also comedians), producers and directors and lastly the crooked media, both print and electronic, all these have formed into a strong clique. The democracy is held in hostage by this clique and it never allows anyone from outside to enter it or to grow out of one’s sheer talent or capability. This is the biggest tragedy of Post-Independent India and total travesty of our much hyped democratic values!

Independence has brought more independence to certain sections and turned vast pool of masses still dependent only on these highly influential sections. Economic liberalization has put many souls on cloud nine but there are still many more hapless sections living in perpetual misery, utter chaos and complete darkness and dragging on their wretched existence. Globalization has really changed the face of the globe and contracted and reshaped it into a comfortably tiny village but the adamantine walls built among different sections on the lines of caste, class, language, race, region have become so strong and sturdy that there is going to be more diversity and divergence than unity and convergence. There is more chaos than unity, more pollution and adulteration than purity, more disgruntling and disenchantment than contentment, more disarray and disharmony than peaceful coexistence!

Who have let this sad state of affairs to happen on this otherwise beautiful earth? It’s we, yes we, we all of us have to take responsibility for this sad state of affairs. Utilitarian relationships, excessive reliance on materialism and the unbridled greed are at the core of factors that have led these ugly conditions to pass on us and going to be passed on our next generations. The new found educational, employment and sociopolitical opportunities in/due to the post-liberalization economic boom have indeed made our lives so ecstatic and tension free and allowed us to move up the social ladder with comparatively much ease and less effort but the sad thing is, we have deliberately forgotten our roots and basking in the glory of the new found heights where we have placed ourselves so safely and from there we never dare what’s going on down at the bottom and never care for those because of whom we have got to climb such greater heights!

Dear friends,
let’s always remember we didn’t bring anything and won’t take anything with us, and in between we are living in a ‘fools’ paradise’ thinking we are for eternity and this life is a permanent one. We are amassing huge wealth just to pass it on to our progeny and to their progeny and even to their progeny. We always want to be in high positions and desperate to have name and fame all to ourselves and frantically trying to rub them on to only our children forgetting the basic fact that there is some all pervading, all permeating and all encompassing ‘cosmic influence’ which decides what we are meant to be and what we are destined to be in the vast cosmic phenomena. Just remember all the series of incidents which led to the shaping of the character of ‘Gowthama Buddha’ and how Siddhartha metamorphosed himself into an ascetic.

Only the selfless can see the light and have the clarity in their thoughts, words and deeds and all those who are selfish, egoistic and egotistic can never be one with themselves and they can never even identify with anyone/anything else in the universe. They are surrounded by thick layers upon layers of darkness, perpetual misery and hopelessness. They are doomed to die a dog’s death!

Let’s all shed the false masks and be real of us and face the reality head on and enjoy being in reality… only that is real joy and real happiness and all others will just be a mere passé!

Enjoy your real life to the fullest and let your children, others’ children and everyone else enjoy their own lives to the fullest. Don’t live other’s life and don’t let others live your life. Never toe other’s lines and never force others to toe your bad lines!Life is good, надпись, цвета, черный фон, 1672x1045

LIFE’S SO BEAUTIFUL, let’s enjoy every bit of it as it unfolds itself 🙂

Swan or Swine?!   1 comment

Beautiful Swan1

Man/woman is wallowing in the mud of swine without realizing the fact that he/she is from the lake of swans.

LOVE or LUST!   4 comments

Imagelust-vs-love1Many a people confuse lust with love and also there are some who confuse love with lust.

Both of them are spoiling their beautiful lives with these two kinds of confused state.

Love is the only word/idea in the world that is totally misunderstood and misinterpreted by many of us.

Love is getting lost from us and the lust is taking its place and having its sway over our emotions.

Lust is ruling the roost everywhere!

We all have conditioned our minds to ‘love the lust’ and forgot to ‘love the love’ due to the overarching influence of the western culture and civilization.

It’s only love which can put the lust in its proper place and channelize it into a more powerful and meaningful life force.

It’s lust which is spoiling the love in us thereby turning us into lifeless beasts groping in the dark always seeking sensual gratifications.

Love is expansion and lust is contraction; love is life and lust is death; love is strength and lust is weakness; love is courage and lust is fear; love is human and lust is beastly; love is caring and lust is craving; love is immortal and lust is mortal; love is divine and lust demoniac.

Love elevates and lust degrades!

P.S.   Here is a wonderful TECHNIQUE for controlling the unbridled lust in us and converting it into the life force which can eventually be merged with the universal cosmic energy. Read the description by Nayaswami Devarshi quite attentively so that you don’t miss out the most fundamental aspects of this very effective technique which works at the subtlest levels of our total being. Let me be forthright and make things clear once again that controlling the lust in us and diverting it to form itself into the most potent, the most heightened and the subtlest life force can never be construed as the total loss of the enjoyment of the conjugal relationship or the basic sexual urge! Rather, it’s for infusing more pleasure and more enlightenment into the love life and sexual relationship inspired by a very heightened spiritual awareness. The greater the vibrations of the mind, the higher would be its level of perception and the subtler and finer will be the experience. Sexual relationship can be taken to a new higher level of vibration wherein lust is completely controlled and reshaped into pure love with utmost devotion. This is beyond the ordinary human perception which is shaped by the mental vibrations of a lower level triggered by the physical senses and some internal chemical reactions of the body with external stimuli.

Attaining the highest feeling of conjugal enjoyment can only be possible when the lovemaking and sexual relationship is strictly within the confines of the Sanatan (Eternal) Dharma as laid down by the most ancient sages and saints!

Right attitude, devotion, and attunement to the Guru are more important than technique alone, insists Nayaswami Devarshi  in his blog post.

What are you going to do with your LUST?   Leave a comment


“Lust and lasciviousness” is both a boon and a bane for the wo/mankind.

If it is not properly controlled, and let loose in having its own sway, it’ll be almost self-destructive;

if it is suppressed and subdued senselessly, it’ll blow itself out of proportions in some pernicious ways some time or later, and can destroy the whole society;

and, if it is controlled properly and with the highest restraint using the discriminating faculties of the inner conscience (which is never so easy!), and the energy thus gained channelized into the intellectual and spiritual realms, it’ll elevate a human being to unimaginable heights!

So be careful about the feeling of lust in you and see what course it is taking, and what and how you are going to do with it. It should be a constant affair and a never ending process because lust is latent in every creature, and the wo/man is no exception!

So goes with the other feelings of Anger, Greed, Attachment, Arrogance, Envy, Ego, Selfishness etc., and the LUST is the king of all!!


P.S. – There is a whole lot of difference between “Controlling” and “Suppressing and Subduing”.

The Enemies of Man/Woman!   1 comment

the devil

The six most dangerous enemies of man/woman which come in the way of his/her development-

  1. Kama (Lust / Carnality / Lasciviousness)
  2. Krodha (Anger / Rage)
  3. Lobha (Greed / Avarice)
  4. Moha (Attachement)
  5. Mada (Arrogance / Haughtiness / Pride)
  6. Matsarya (Envy / Jealousy)

So long the man/woman can’t conquer these debilitating enemies, he/she can never aspire to live a life of complete freedom, happiness, joy, wisdom and bliss!

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