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I should have been born a sheep or chicken, I would have got a dignified life, though it's short!

I’m the holy cow! What a fate that has befallen on me? I’m respected and revered in this way! I should have been born as a sheep or a chicken, I would have got a dignified life though it’s quite short!

I am writing this as the one who has been born and brought up in a culture which makes it a point to do cow worship and to treat it as our own mother and even much more. My mother still treats any cow that visits our house to have some food of grains and water, with much awe and reverence, feeds it after performing some rituals of puja like, applying vermillion on its forehead and giving the customary aarthi or burning the incense sticks before it and later on prays to it by making some three rounds of circumambulation! We all follow suit and pray to the holy cow to fulfil all our material and spiritual desires. That’s really a great and wonderful thing our culture has taught us to see the all pervasive divinity in an animal and worship it as we worship the Lord Almighty.

Soon after that, my mother gets into the kitchen to cook a delicious and sumptuous meal for us for lunch. She prepares tasty rice cooked with edible oil and some spices (popularly called pulav in Telangana), delectable chapattis and jowar rotis, and any guess, which curry to eat them with? It’s either lamb or chicken! And we all devour the food lustfully with great propensity and much greater feeling of appetite! The same mother of mine, who performed puja to one animal with utmost zeal and reverence, cooks the carcass of another animal with great care and precision to feed us all well, and the same we, who prayed to an animal in great awe and veneration in the morning, devour the flesh of another animal with utmost craving! This is a ubiquitous sight at majority of the Hindu dwellings in the entire length and breadth of our country. And we never spare a minute or two to ponder over the big dilemma of having to pray one animal and at the same time, killing and eating another animal. We never care about this, and just take things for granted! We never think about the harsh truth that when God is all pervasive and when He’s in every living creature or animal as in every human being, how come some animals are to be treated with much reverence and others to be slaughtered mercilessly, how come one animal is so sacred and another is doomed be devoured!

And now, at it is all your expectation,

I would like to come to the crux of the matter, i.e., cow slaughter and beef eating. I’ve been prompted to write this article (in spite of much aversion to it as all my upbringing never permits me to talk / write about such a thing and I’m doing it all at the risk of incurring the wrath of my so called community elders, the modern and post-modern religious heads and the pious and devout Brahmanas who may curse me for doing this sacrilegious act!) after learning about the gory incident of a frenzied mob brutally lynching a man and mercilessly assaulting his son on just a rumour that they have slaughtered a calf and consumed its beef, that too, when it was in a state (Uttar Pradesh) which is not among the states that has banned the slaughter or sale of beef!

I’ve been doing intense research online for a whole couple of days and have so far read tens of articles with authentic sources in this ugly aftermath about whether there has been any religious sanctity in Hinduism of cow and bull slaughter and consuming their beef. To my utter shock and bewilderment, I came across many facts and facets of the ancient Vedic culture and civilization that made it a point to do animal sacrifice, especially the cow, to please the celestial gods and the ancestral spirits, and it had been made mandatory to all to consume the carcass of the animals thus sacrificed including the pious Brahmanas! The great ancient sages such as, Vishwamitra, Yagnavalkya, JamadagniSayana and the great ancient administrators, doctors and surgeons, astrologers and socio-political philosophers of India such as, Manu, Charaka, Sushruta, Aryabhatta, Chanakya, etc., and other proponents of Vedic culture and civilization were themselves fond of cow / bullock / calf beef and they encouraged the countrymen to consume beef just like any other vegetarian food. But it’s a matter of big puzzle and mysticism that how in later ages the same thing which had been validated and sanctioned by our ancient sages and seers (whom we all still revere), came to be considered as a stigma or a taboo or a big sacrilegious act! I feel it’s a part of a much bigger conspiracy deliberately and purposefully weaved by some mischievous Brahmanas in the later ages who resorted to blatant misinterpretations, and misquoted all our Vedic scriptures and changed the entire socio-cultural consciousness of the mankind and made them to toe their lines fraught with Machiavellian machinations just in order to perpetuate some hidden agenda and protect all their vested interests!

I’m still confounded with the irony that the great emperor and warrior and the protector of the vast subcontinent whose kingdom had stretched to unimaginable length and breadth and the one who had been and still is considered as the yugapurusha and as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu Himself, called Srirama whom we still revere as God incarnation, was himself a beef and also ‘horse beef’ eater and all his gurus who were pious and devout Brahmanas, they themselves consumed beef with great interest and enthusiasm, but the present day (so called) bhakts of Lord Srirama have taken up the mantle to protecting the cow and are hell bent on banning the consumption of beef in the entire country. By the way, in this context, in the fitness of the things, I would like to bring this to the notice of all that it’s been alleged that the great and veteran BJP leader and the towering giant of modern Indian politics, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been a regular eater of beef! I’ve seen with my own eyes, many of those who call themselves devout and pious Brahmanas, relishing chicken tandoori, mutton biryani, kheema curryboti fry and fish soup!! What a farcical, what a hypocritical and what an ironical modern India we are all living in!!

I’m a Hindu to the core and Hinduism is my passion and forte. However, I’m amenable to logic, intellectually driven arguments and constructive criticisms based on scientifically proven and historically authenticated facts. This is what that has been taught to me by my all time Hero and the greatest ideal figure worth emulating by all, Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekandana has been considered to be the supreme authority on Hinduism in modern India and he was the one who revived the most ancient religion and put it on a very high pedestal in the entire world. No one on the earth can dare to deny this universal fact! Many consider him to be the reincarnation of Adi Shankaracharya and I, as many of my conscientious countrymen, can’t dare contest this claim as he proved himself to be worth of considering on those lines! Please read what he had to say about meat eating, cow slaughter and consumption of beef-

1. Meat-eating and Vegetarianism

2. Without Eating Beef, No Brahmin Could Remain A Brahmin

3. About Eating Cow

4. Hypocrisy of Cow Protection among the Non-spiritual

Here are some historical facts about cow slaughter and the consumption of beef in ancient India-

1. Rigveda, Manusmruti Sanction Beef Eating

2. Eating Beef is Not Sinful

3. I’m a Hindu and Beef Eater Too!

About vegetarianism vs non-vegetarianism,

If someone is calling himself / herself a pure vegetarian, you must always bear in mind that you’re not supposed to drink cow’s or buffalo’s milk and the other products such as, ghee, curd, cheese, etc., as they are the byproducts of non-vegetarianism! The milk is basically meant for the calves, not for human consumption! Do you know how much cruelty and how much excruciating pain and suffering the milch animals are subjected to for having a glass of milk or a cupful of curd / yoghurt or a teaspoonful of ghee / cheese to treat your palate and to please your taste-buds and to supply nutrients to your physical body? And you call yourself a pure vegetarian! What a farce!! A true vegetarian is the one who earns his / her food without inflicting any sort of violence or injury to any kind of living being! In that way, you should not consume even vegetation as there is life in them! Should not eat the fruits and the seeds that are fertilized ones and as they are basically meant for reproduction and they very much carry the life force as we all do! What you have to do is, eat all those that don’t have life in them and which are not meant for reproduction! Just think about it, is that humanly possible? Then, why carry grudge on those who eat non-vegetarian food? Can you imagine the amount of physical activity which we are witnessing now, will also be there if and when we insist all to turn into pure vegans and be like sadhus? In that case, there’ll be a big full-stop to all our material progression and expansionism and the basic human civilization! Don’t you agree?

And finally about banning beef in India,

Let’s put aside for sometime the secular aspect of India for argument’s sake (dear secularists, I beg your apology for this, and btw, this is to state in clear cut terms that I myself am a secular Hindu!), then, our country will be left with only orthodox and fundamental Hindus and other such religious fanatics, ok fine, we’ll go on banning the consumption and sale of beef in the entire length and breadth of the country, in that case, what would befall us? Much anarchy, chaos and religious unrest, and mutual suspicion, cynicism and mistrust between Hinduism and some other religions and even between the people who are divided into two groups in the same Hindu religion! But, what about our Vedic culture and civilization which validated and sanctioned slaughtering of cow and eating its flesh? However, if you’re hell bent on banning the consumption of beef, you must first denounce and renounce the ancient Vedic culture and civilization, the Vedas themselves, discard the various Vedangas, PuranasUpanishadsSmrutis and Samhitas which permitted the consumption of beef, you must castigate all those ancient seers, sages, rishis, sadhus and gurus and such all other enlightened souls and the celestial gods who themselves were fond of beef of cow or bull or the calf, and start disassociating, disconnecting and disaffiliating from them! You must also disown Swami Vivekananda!! Can anyone from the Hindu religion dare to do that?? I can say with 100% confidence and conviction, no devout Hindu ever do that, as that entails the annihilation and vanishing of the Hindu religion on the face of the earth!! A truth or a fact is always a truth or a fact and it’s always a full and complete one, never half or a quarter part of it! In the same logic, if you’re dead set on banning beef, you must also ban the consumption of meat, chicken, fish, egg, milk and all such non-vegetarian foods and the byproducts which we get by inflicting injury or violence to the living beings. The life is same in all living beings including the plants, and they all carry the same emotions, fears and the feelings of angst, anxiety, dismay, despair, horror and terror, not just cows and bulls alone!!

When the wife and children are starving and dying of food and there’s no other alternative, and their old discarded cows are languishing the on roads, streets and on the garbage dump yards feeding on posters and plastic tins and bags and polythene covers, what should a sensible man do in the circumstances such as this, and when there has already been religious sanctity to it?

I may not come over of my old habits which die very hard and move on consuming beef but I never criticize and despise all those who consume beef, as I myself eat meat, chicken, fish and egg, just one step lower to them, only one step!!

By the way, I would like to share some of my personal things with you, if you’re interested to know (and if you’re not interested, you may please skip this paragraph), my father who got upadesha from our most reverent Guruji, gave up non-vegetarian food (so as to speak) including egg some 25 years ago even though our Guruji was dead opposed to it! My mother couldn’t follow him (contrary to the custom of the Hindu faith which enjoins the wife to follow in the footsteps of her husband) as it would entail severe blow to our (me and my siblings) nurturing and supplying proteins and the other nutrients to us. Had she followed my father, there would been no option left for us but to follow our parents regarding the food habits and we would have missed the non-vegetarian food at home, prepared by my mother for eternity! Even though my father doesn’t consume meat and egg, he still goes to the market and brings meat, chicken, fish and eggs for us and encourages us and the guests to eat non-vegetarian food. I took to pure vegetarianism (so as to speak) taking inspiration from my father’s strong resolve and ate the food sans meat and egg for a whopping 4 years! As I looked back and see what I could achieve in those four years, you’ll be shocked to know this, nothing but frustration, uneasiness that were born out of the severe tussle between my material ambitions and spiritual cravings! Now, I’m at ease with myself, after coming back to my old food habits of being a non-vegetarian! No waning of my spiritual quest, not even an iota of it!!

I’m a devout Hindu, there should not be any iota of doubt in it, and at the same time, I bow before logic and intellectual persuasion and convincing truths and facts. By the way, how could I contest that which the ancient sages and seers of my motherland who have been the strongest pillars of my religion, the sanatana dharma, stood for? At the same time, I respect my territorial Constitution, the greatest rulebook which sanctions freedom of choice of living, eating and practising any religion or trade and profession, to everyone provided they are not detrimental to the basic unity & sovereignty of the nation and peaceful coexistence of the population.

My most fundamental question is, can we ensure total food security to every citizen of our country by doing away with non-vegetarian food, even if we do it, can we supply sufficient proteins and other nutrients to them so that everyone will he healthy and hale and hearty to carry forward the long built civilization and material progress? Or shall we become sadhus and the enlightened souls by renouncing the entire physical world, eating only saattvic food and living in spiritual pursuits? Believe me my dear brethren, that’ll be the invitation to enormous invasions and total destruction and decay of our motherland and its long built culture and civilization! Every Indian as Swami Vivekananda exhorts us all, must have muscles of iron and nerves of steel so that he / she can protect our motherland from external aggressions and internal disturbances! “A strong mind lives only in a strong body and you’ll be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of the Geeta”, quips Swamiji!!

Please read these two small articles if you’ve got time and patience, and if I’m not too much vexatious and exasperating-

1. Material vs Spiritual  

2. What’s the Purpose of our Life

Let me reiterate once and for all, I’m a staunch and devout Hindu

by Birth

by Nature


by Destiny


I’m NOT a Hypocrite!!!


Live the Real YOU   Leave a comment

Corrupt politicians, rogue capitalists, unethically rich business classes, highly depraved big shots of Tollywood/Bollywood or any other ‘wood’ i.e., the so called heroes (and also comedians), producers and directors and lastly the crooked media, both print and electronic, all these have formed into a strong clique. The democracy is held in hostage by this clique and it never allows anyone from outside to enter it or to grow out of one’s sheer talent or capability. This is the biggest tragedy of Post-Independent India and total travesty of our much hyped democratic values!

Independence has brought more independence to certain sections and turned vast pool of masses still dependent only on these highly influential sections. Economic liberalization has put many souls on cloud nine but there are still many more hapless sections living in perpetual misery, utter chaos and complete darkness and dragging on their wretched existence. Globalization has really changed the face of the globe and contracted and reshaped it into a comfortably tiny village but the adamantine walls built among different sections on the lines of caste, class, language, race, region have become so strong and sturdy that there is going to be more diversity and divergence than unity and convergence. There is more chaos than unity, more pollution and adulteration than purity, more disgruntling and disenchantment than contentment, more disarray and disharmony than peaceful coexistence!

Who have let this sad state of affairs to happen on this otherwise beautiful earth? It’s we, yes we, we all of us have to take responsibility for this sad state of affairs. Utilitarian relationships, excessive reliance on materialism and the unbridled greed are at the core of factors that have led these ugly conditions to pass on us and going to be passed on our next generations. The new found educational, employment and sociopolitical opportunities in/due to the post-liberalization economic boom have indeed made our lives so ecstatic and tension free and allowed us to move up the social ladder with comparatively much ease and less effort but the sad thing is, we have deliberately forgotten our roots and basking in the glory of the new found heights where we have placed ourselves so safely and from there we never dare what’s going on down at the bottom and never care for those because of whom we have got to climb such greater heights!

Dear friends,
let’s always remember we didn’t bring anything and won’t take anything with us, and in between we are living in a ‘fools’ paradise’ thinking we are for eternity and this life is a permanent one. We are amassing huge wealth just to pass it on to our progeny and to their progeny and even to their progeny. We always want to be in high positions and desperate to have name and fame all to ourselves and frantically trying to rub them on to only our children forgetting the basic fact that there is some all pervading, all permeating and all encompassing ‘cosmic influence’ which decides what we are meant to be and what we are destined to be in the vast cosmic phenomena. Just remember all the series of incidents which led to the shaping of the character of ‘Gowthama Buddha’ and how Siddhartha metamorphosed himself into an ascetic.

Only the selfless can see the light and have the clarity in their thoughts, words and deeds and all those who are selfish, egoistic and egotistic can never be one with themselves and they can never even identify with anyone/anything else in the universe. They are surrounded by thick layers upon layers of darkness, perpetual misery and hopelessness. They are doomed to die a dog’s death!

Let’s all shed the false masks and be real of us and face the reality head on and enjoy being in reality… only that is real joy and real happiness and all others will just be a mere passé!

Enjoy your real life to the fullest and let your children, others’ children and everyone else enjoy their own lives to the fullest. Don’t live other’s life and don’t let others live your life. Never toe other’s lines and never force others to toe your bad lines!Life is good, надпись, цвета, черный фон, 1672x1045

LIFE’S SO BEAUTIFUL, let’s enjoy every bit of it as it unfolds itself 🙂

Noble Souls and the Caste Frames   3 comments

454_Prof_JayashankarThis is originally conceived and meant as a comment to my post about Prof. K. Jaya Shankar sir on his death anniversary on my FB timeline. As I kept on typing this comment, I got more and more ideas and it has become so lengthy and (I feel) meaningful that I persuaded myself to post it on my personal blog on with the title “Noble Souls and the Caste Frames” so that it reaches the wider circles.


I appreciate further meaningful and intellectually driven views and comments which I humbly try to imbibe and internalize them.


Here it goes,

Feel sorry to say this that there are some caste zealots those who belong to the caste in which our Jayashankar sir was born, trying to confine him in that narrow caste frame and misappropriating his name, his stature and his noble contribution to the Telangana society. This is nothing but degrading the zenithal image of the towering giant of the Telangana movement and its beacon light, and the father of Telangana. Jayashankar sir never liked to be identified with his caste in academic and public life. I don’t know much about his personal life, but one thing I can say with much confidence that he was an acclaimed economist, social scientist, political philosopher, and an orator / public speaker par excellence. He was an avowed bachelor and dedicated his entire life for securing justice to the people of Telangana. He is a father figure for all the Telangana people cutting across caste, class, religious and racial barriers.


My humble request to all the caste zealots in the entire length and breadth of our country is, please don’t play caste cards with great mythological and historical figures, freedom fighters, social reformers, mass leaders, spiritual leaders and masters, and seers and sages. Just leave them alone and let them have their own special and revered space in the public memory. Please see them in the much larger picture, without any sort of boundaries, and keenly study their lives, their struggles, their trials and tribulations and how they overcame all their obstacles, setbacks and misfortunes and made a distinct mark of their own in the mythological, cultural, traditional and historical ethos of our country by dint of their sheer hard-work, dogged perseverance and indomitable spirit and thereby got their unforgettable memories etched in vast sociopolitical and spiritual consciousness.


There is no harm in making an objective analysis of the personality traits of the greatest historical figures in the context of the times in which they lived and in the backdrop of the various sociopolitical, economic, cultural, traditional, racial, regional and linguistic factors that influenced their personal growth as individuals and as the leaders of the society. Here, the caste of course, can be an effective tool in studying the shaping of the personality and the approach of the individuals towards their society as a whole since Indian society is infamous all over the world as highly fragmented characterized by innumerable caste equations. India is ever notorious for abuses, human rights violations, discrimination, monopoly, hegemony, oppression, suppression, exploitation (and this list can awfully be long!) etc., just on the basis of caste!


But just one and the same yardstick can’t be used to gage the personality traits of all the individuals. There are some who go beyond all kinds of yardsticks, and their life itself is a yardstick for others and they themselves are the most powerful and the most potent yardsticks for their lives. They are the ones who set an enviable example for others to follow by their highly imposing and exalted personalities and life stories.


So the caste can just be a fraction of the whole lot of factors that influence the personality and the life of the noble souls who come onto the earth with some noble purpose and leave after they have achieved the high goals set by they themselves for themselves, and the myriad sociopolitical, economic, cultural, traditional, racial, regional and linguistic factors surrounding them including the caste can just act as triggers and propel them always guarding against the deviations and anomalies of life. They can never decide the destiny.

The destiny always takes care of itself, as it had already been decided by the noble souls!


Kindly make your caste identities and equations purely a personal and private affair and don’t mercilessly and foolishly rub them on the greatest mythological and historical figures no matter which caste/religion they were born in. It was purely out of their choice, not by chance at all!

Noble Souls are for all and for/in all the times; and hijacking them on the name of caste, race or religion is an historical blunder and the biggest sacrilege!


It’s a pity that we still have to live in this beautiful world (In India especially) with narrow and parochial mindsets!


Any meaningful change and transition must come from above since bottlenecks are always located at the top and the bottom is always the strongest base!!

The Truth   1 comment

the-truth‘Truth’ is always harsh and bitter, and can be sweet for those who accept it wholeheartedly. There are some fools amidst us who have been taking shelter under ‘falsehood’ for ages in utter disregard to ‘the all mighty truth’. Those hard core morons will definitely have to pay the price sooner or later for their historical blunders of non-compliance with the truth which is eternally supreme and permeates all through the universe going beyond time and keeping a constant watch on all our thoughts, words and deeds.


सत्यमेव जयते l

Truth alone triumphs!

Nothing happens without reason   Leave a comment


Everything that we feel, think, say and do are meticulously recorded in the Universal Cosmic Registry; and they are the strongest bases for our behaviour and all our consequent actions. The action good or bad, will have its own reaction.


Everything happens for a reason and that reason is the reason for some remote reason. It’s only TIME that’s the eternal witness and the supreme arbitrator and adjudicator. Greatest are those who go beyond  time and reason and be a strong reason for others to have a reason to live on!


Swami Vivekananda, the Universal Cosmic Soul and the Greatest Spiritual Master   1 comment

Swami VivekanandaLet’s pay our heartfelt reverence and homage to the great Soul who rekindled the spiritual, intellectual and moral consciousness of India and the World, raised the drooping spirits to unimaginable heights with his reinvigorating words, the greatest master who proclaimed with trumpet voice- “Expansion is life and contraction is death; Strength is life and weakness is death”. Hope we all emulate the noble traits of the greatest son of the soil. Happy Youth Day to All those who always carry the YOUTH in their being, and strive for the uplifting of the intellectual, moral and spiritual consciousness of the world.

The ‘Mind’ and beyond, as perceived by my ordinary mind   Leave a comment


This is a compilation (with some editing) of my status posted in June 2013 on my Facebook wall and various comments made by me in response to some critical questions raised by one of my best friends in course of our lengthy discussions all about the conscious and subconscious layers of mind and the conscience, and about Indian Karmic theory, Samskaras and other such things. I’m very much thankful to him indeed for encouraging and inspiring me to go deep and delve all about the mind and the conscience at length. Hope this ‘a bit lengthy piece of writing’ will be of some help for all of us in training our mind to be ‘a more powerful tool’ to delve deep inside for finding more meaning of/for our life.

Hobby vs Profession tussle

Every one of us agrees that hobbies / pastimes are much stronger and more delightful than the professional duties or the other avocations related to our work. We always derive more pleasure from our hobbies than from our professional tasks.

Why is it so?

It’s because we go about doing our hobbies through the subconscious level of our mind, whereas, our professional duties / tasks in many a case, are performed through the surface layers of our mind, i.e., the conscious. There are some people for whom their professional avocations are their hobbies, and for some others, their hobbies are their professions.

Everything we do through the conscious mind is like a compulsion and we always feel reluctant to do it and always try to evade the work. In contrast to this, everything we do through our subconscious mind is much more a pleasurable experience for us and we always have the irresistible feeling of doing it forever. This is a big puzzle and we are always confounded and at a loss in understanding why we feel our hobbies as so enjoyable and our professional duties and obligations as constantly draining us.

The subconscious mind is always detached, plain, placid and serene, and always derives its strength and energy from our spirit / soul (or the super-conscious mind). In total contrast, the conscious mind is always disturbed as it is always mired in myriad thoughts about the experiences of its interaction with various persons, places, things and events, and the unnecessary hang-up with the ‘moirai’. The subconscious mind is always inbound, and the conscious is outbound forever. The more we are inbound the greater will be our joy and insight, and the more we are outbound and attach ourselves with the outside world, the higher will be our confusion and misery. This is the law of nature and a time tested truth.

Most of the humans work with their conscious mind independent of the subconscious, and always strive to excel in their lives and careers. It’s like a ‘wild-goose chase’, and is always a ‘distant mirage’! However, there are a few ‘exalted and subliminal’ minds with a charming personality who always excel in their chosen paths. These are the people who got to know the trick of drawing the inspiration and the energy (Here the energy referred to is not the energy as we understand in the physical parlance. It’s purely ‘spiritual’ and is far more powerful than any other form of energy.) from their subconscious mind through various powerful impressions long stored in it. The ‘Karmic theory’ of ‘Indian Vedantic tradition’ talks about the ‘Sanskaras’ (Impressions) both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, of the mind which are stored in the deeper recesses of the subconscious and are always active, and guide and influence the conscious mind in its various pursuits in the material world.

Here we can devise a small solution to solve this ever baffling conundrum of hobby vs profession. By applying this small technique, we can strike a balance between our life and career, and our profession will always be a pleasurable experience for us. Just try this- make your profession your hobby (It’s possible only when you are emotionally attached to your profession and most passionate about. Most of the professions of ours today are by sheer chance or by compulsion or by some outside force / influence / appeal, not by willful choice. It’s really a matter of grave concern.), and execute all the professional tasks as you move about in doing your pastime. This is so easy to assume but requires much intense practice in dealing with two levels of the mind- both conscious and subconscious.942019_486590581416742_1247272241_n When these two layers of the mind are perfectly aligned and reconciled with each other, the conscious level of our mind derives its ‘moxie’ from the subconscious and that eventually paves the way for us in excelling in our chosen paths, thus leading us to glory.

Positivity always leads us to glory

Everything totally depends on the kinds of impressions we accumulate in our minds, all by our thoughts, words and deeds. Great and sublime thoughts, words and deeds, and their profound experiences are stored in the form of subtle impressions and they always lead us towards greatness guarding against everything that is bad and negative, and so is the case with the negative thoughts, words and deeds, and their experiences, and the consequent negative effects.

So being positive is always desirable, and it is propitious living a life of total positivity. Positivity is LIFE and negativity is DEATH. The entire COSMOS is always ready to help us in its own gentle and intricate ways in our march towards ‘excellence and glory’ if we take that ‘crucial first bold step of POSITIVITY’. All the positive forces and vibes constantly being emitted by the NOBLE SOULS in the entire UNIVERSE conspire to make things happen when we strongly desire them through our heart and soul for the good of the mankind and all the other creatures.

“All power is within you, you can do anything and everything”; “You are the creator of your own Destiny”

– Swami Vivekananda.

The ‘Conscience’ in relation to the conscious and subconscious minds

The terms ‘Conscious’ and ‘Subconscious’ are used to describe about the layers of the mind and the term ‘Conscience’ is completely different from the former two, and signifies much more than them. Cambridge dictionary defines ‘Conscience’ as “the part of you that judges how moral your own actions are and makes you feel guilty about bad things that you have done or things you feel responsible for”.

Here lies a big problem in understanding conscience, and in locating it at some exact spot or area in ‘us’ and say here it is, when the terms / ideas I, ME and MY etc., themselves are abstract and have no significance without the idea of mind, and the mighty MIND itself is beyond one’s scope of total knowledge and understanding (of it), and the biggest irony is, we have to understand mind with the mind itself which is not in our firm control!

So where in us can we say the conscience is? If it is totally conscious, then we all must be fully aware of it and it must be very much in our grip, and thus there would be no strife at all in this world. If we assume it is totally subconscious or in some dormant state, then we must not be aware of it either fully or in part, and not bound by it. In that case, how can we understand the all pervasive ‘goodness’ in some form or the other, and some more goodness somewhere else? No one can deny the fact that all our surroundings are mixed up with some ‘goodness’ and some ‘badness’, and we can never see either the goodness or the badness in its totality in our socio-cultural milieu. The idea of conscience, if it is taken in its purest sense, it can never be ‘some good’ and ‘some bad’, but must always be ‘perfect’ and a ‘unified whole’, and it always prompts us to do only good. Then, how can we understand the vast phenomena, which are diabolically at odds with one another? That is the moot question!

It must be that our conscience works with two layers of our mind, both conscious and subconscious and all depends on how we use it and which mind to work on with. So, is our conscience subject to influence and impregnation (either by conscious or subconscious mind)? We have to go to the ‘Karmic theory’ which can throw more light on this.

The Karmic theory of Karma / action and the consequent results

About Indian ‘Karmic theory’, every one of us knows it and understands the significance behind this theory. The fundamental rubric of this theory is – good actions always yield good results, and bad actions will have their own consequences some time or later, and they are bound to have their toll on us. This is an irrefutable fact and every one of us agrees with it without an iota of doubt. In that case, why do we constantly breach this precept willfully, and why should be there so much conflict and strife, sorrow and suffering on the face of the earth? This is the fundamental question all sensible people are always confronted with. All this is due to man’s greed and selfishness which have their sway over his/her conscience. Though we know very well that if certain thought or word or action comes out with some bad intention, it is bound to have its own ramification, we still move about it never paying heed to the high calling of our conscience. JKThis is nothing but impregnating our conscience with the sophisticated theories concocted by our conscious mind without caring about the alarms given from time to time by our subconscious mind. This is the biggest tragedy of human mind, and this ubiquitous situation is called by different names such as, ‘Maaya’ or illusion. As long as this all powerful maaya has its spell on us, so long will be our misery and suffering as we can never come out of the vicious cycle of action and the consequent reaction we ourselves create around us by our sheer ignorance. There is only one tool in our hands which can be of some help, that is, our subconscious, through which we can set about finding a lasting solution. But the irony is, the subconscious has to be reached only by and through the conscious, and the conscious mind is full of its own arbitrary set of rules and theories (There are some exceptions to this.) set by the kind of society in which we live and constitute a strong part of it. So logic will never take us deep inside us, and it always acts as the biggest impediment. The first basic step towards reaching our conscience which is the ultimate guiding force and life’s prime energy is just being ‘logically illogical’, but we are ‘illogically logical’ in our mad pursuit towards greatness and excellence with vaulting ambitions. God knows where our destiny takes us! Here is a beautiful talk by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Karma and its impressions.

The Samskaras or impressions of the mind

Now, it’s pertinent to discuss about samskaras or impressions of the mind in some detail. Good thoughts, words and deeds have their good effects on us and those experiences are stored in our mind in the form of finest impressions. In the same way, bad thoughts, words and deeds bound to show up their own consequences and all those experiences are stored as bad impressions. So, is the man always bound by the kind of impressions stored in his subconscious mind, and is there no escape for him/her from the negative results borne out the of the actions with the strong influence of bad samskaras stored up in the deeper recesses of the mind? There is, if all the bad and impure impressions deep inside can effectively be flushed out with the force of good and pure impressions. This is like a deep surgical operation and requires much deliberation both at the conscious and subconscious levels, and deep meditation / journey within! I can suggest Swami Vivekananda’s treatise on Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga for gaining more light on this, and I think that is the only authority on this subject for the modern man with his/her rational / scientific bent of mind to read and understand in a convincing way. I’m sure all the doubts regarding this bewilderment are cleared in a highly methodical way by the great philosopher and spiritual master.

Can we have some uniform mechanism by which we can estimate the percentages of the subconscious and conscious minds?

The percentages of subconscious and conscious levels of mind are not accurate and foolproof as man has still not been able to create a unit for the measurement, capacity and speed of the mind and the mental processes. How can one have an accurate and foolproof mechanism in order to decide the disparities in the two layers of mind when a man/woman is at so much variance with his/her counterparts? Everything depends on one’s awareness and also the ignorance. Some are highly aware of their subconscious mind, and some other can never go beyond the boundary of their conscious mind and have never tasted what the subconscious is like, as in the case of the animals. Man, unlike the animals, is the only creature on the Earth who can go / think beyond the basic necessities of life such as, food, shelter and protection, and the other natural bodily needs, and that’s the reason why we are witnessing so many unimaginable changes, both positive and negative, occurring around us, in both the realms, internal and external!

IQ vs EQ

About the IQ, and a few matrices developed by some so-called ‘psychoanalysts’, ‘human resource managers’ and ‘personality development trainers’, it’s great that we are making tremendous strides in the accuracy and the lightening speed of the mind with which we have made almost everything physical possible, and even started dictating terms to the very nature in whose lap we are sheltering ourselves. There is a big flip side to this, in our obsession and mad rush towards enhancing our IQ, and for more material progress and prosperity, we are taking a big risk of putting our lives in jeopardy at the cost of the sheer negligence of our EQ, i.e., Emotional Quotient! We are always after the material world and want to master it, but we are not aware of the fact that we have totally turned ourselves into slaves to our extravagant desires and passions! It’s a time tested truth that unless we conquer our inner world, we can never have a happy and meaningful life in the outer world how much we strive with our IQ! How beautiful it would be if there is perfect harmony between the inner and the outer worlds!!

Convergence and divergence of ideas

There’s no denying the fact that most of the philosophical and psychological theories and ideas are individual specific and purely based on subjective analyses. Here I would like to go a bit deeper in analyzing the most crucial issue of ‘the convergence and divergence of thoughts / ideas’. Yes, there is so much divergence, but this is pertained to the only outside world, influenced and catalyzed by various issues, events and incidents, and this amount of divergence to a large extent depends on how we react to them with which layer of the mind. In complete contrast to all this, there is a harmonious convergence of views deep inside all of us. The more we delve deep inside us the more harmony we feel. The effulgent SPIRIT deep inside all of us is the source of this harmony, and this Spirit is always ONE, it can never be two or more! It can never be explained but has to be experienced and lived, and this experience differs from one person to another since one has to crossover several insurmountable (but not impossible!) obstacles in course of one’s journey deeper inside! So we all may differ with one another in course of our journeys through different paths, but the “ultimate truth is only ONE”, and we all have to converge there at some point or  later.

Linguistic Analysis

Here I would like to borrow some ideas from the linguistic theory of the founder of modern linguistics, Ferdinand de Saussure, about “Signified” and “Signifier”. As Saussure explains, “the connection between all ‘signifiers’ which are ‘sound images’ or ‘linguistic signs’ and what they are signifying – their signified object or concept – is arbitrary. In other words, there is not necessarily any logical connection between the two.” Most of us may have the same ‘signified’ or the idea and the ‘signifiers’ we use in portraying our ‘signified’ or the idea may shockingly vary from one another, and I think, this is the root cause of all the conflicts amongst us, but it works only at a shallow level and can easily be rectified if all the sensible minds from wide spectra of social, cultural and mainly religious denominations work together. In some other cases, we may have different ‘signifieds’ or ideas with some common denominator, i.e., ‘signifier’, and feel peaceful and harmonious. But it’ll never long last as it is a false feeling and nothing but self-impregnation! This is ‘divergence’ under the false roof of ‘convergence’ though not clearly perceptible, sort of make-believe. It’s bound to have its own catastrophic consequences and will break itself into pieces some time or later! So, the ‘signified’ is more prominent than the ‘signifier’, and we all sensible minds, should always look for the significance of the ‘signified’ behind the (arbitrary and divergent) ‘signifiers’!

TRUTH is all pervasive. It has no boundaries; it travels far, and the pure effulgent SPIRIT inside all of us is all encompassing. It’s ‘Omnipresent’, ‘Omniscient’ and ‘Omnipotent’. If not, where is the meaning to the expression we all proclaim with trumpet voice, ‘Vasudhiva Kutumbakam’, the profound concept of ONE GLOBAL FAMILY?

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

– Swami Vivekananda.

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.”

– William Butler Yeats.

Useful & Related Readings

  1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  2. The Life Beyond Physical Death by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya


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