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Et tu, Modi?!   1 comment


His pet slogan is going to boomerang on him now… “Modi ko Hatao, Desh ko Bachao!”, just change of the name and the guard, but no change of the whole corrupt system!!

May be the time we started shouting the slogan, “Modi ko Hatao, Desh ko Bachao!” What sort of a democratic government it is which is hell-bent on turning its own people homeless? Insensitivity and callousness is ruling the roost. It’s a pity that democracy is still a distant reality for the common man! It’s sheer autocracy, plutocracy and oligarchy!! The so called elected government(s) are always losing touch with the common man soon after they ascend to the highest seat(s) of power. They are turning themselves into mere puppets in the hands of the unethically rich business classes, cold-blooded capitalist sections and the obnoxiously rogue elites. One can understand the enormity of the deprivation of a proper political will at the centre and its lack of empathy with the masses especially the poor and innocent Adivasis under the influence of the machiavellian tactics played by an irresponsible and dishonest regional leader, and a giant swindler, CBN,

CBN in new Avatar!, Satan in deceptive pose of the Jesus?!

CBN in new Avatar, Satan imitating Jesus?! Poor lamb, doesn’t know who is holding it!!

quite notorious for his anti-people, anti-farmer, anti-dalit and anti-tribal postures. This hypocrite represents a monstrous and disgustingly rancid system which had got precipitated in post-Independent period and is constantly holding our democratic polity and people’s welfare in hostage! And regretfully, Modi is proving he is also no exception, and a very much part and parcel of this highly depraved system!! All the wolves in sheep’s clothing have started unmasking themselves and are showing their true colours!! Forcefully merging seven Mandals of Khammam District of the state of Telangana with the of state Andhra Pradesh just to submerge them under the big lopsided and unscientifically designed Polavaram Multi Purpose Project without ascertaining the views of the affected parties involved and deliberately overlooking the plight of the huge tribal population who are going to be made mere scapegoats, is a devil’s play being enacted by Modi’s sarkaar in close conjunction with the state of Andhra Pradesh. It’s estimated that nearly half a million Adivasi people will be rendered homeless and will find themselves in a watery grave, and will lose all their livelihoods if the project is given go ahead nod, and most importantly, it will be environmentally hazardous and will drastically destabilize the ecosystem of the region with catastrophic effects! This was vociferously claimed by the former Engineer-in Chief with the Government of Andhra Pradesh & Consultant, United Nations (OPS), Er. T. Hanumantha Rao.

The master planner for a massive destruction of the masses, M. Venkaih Naidu.

The master planner for a massive destruction of the homes and livelihoods of the masses, M. Venkaih Naidu, the Union Minister of Urban Development.

But the rigid and adamant governments both at the centre and in the state of the Andhra Pradesh continue to maintain their foolishly intransigent and intractable positions in spite of strong earnest appeals from every quarter just to change the design of the project as suggested by the civil engineers, environmental scientists and irrigation experts, which will bring a happy end to this exasperatingly the most vexatious crisis with a win-win solution to the two warring groups. By the way, welfare of the people, most importantly, the disadvantaged, disenfranchised and the destitute sections, should be on the top of the policy agenda of any welfare state! It’s a simple logic & logistics of the designing of the policy framework and is based on the principles of natural justice, but the unrelenting state is simply turning its deaf ear to the cries of the poor innocent masses and quite often turning a blind eye to their unending woes inflicted upon them by the bullying sections!! It’s an open secret that India is not being governed by a people’s government, rather by the brutal capitalists whose motto is always to squeeze the country of all its

They shook hands then, and now shaking the poor innocent masses!

A covert understanding for an overt exploitation… they shook hands then, and now shaking the poor innocent masses! No leader how great he/she may be, is immune to the influence of the ‘yellow mafia‘!!

valuable resources and thereby making it powerless and vulnerable and eventually debt ridden and a veritable beggar at the gates of the international lending agencies, which always work to destabilise the nations by weakening their economies just in order to maintaining the ugly status quo of the imperialism and hegemony!! God save India for the next five years! Educate, Organise and Agitate should be the mantra for us now, the most powerful slogan given to us by Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar long ago!!

Jai Bolo Telangana!   Leave a comment

jai-telangana6jai-telangana4The slogan “Jai Telangana” has had been a rich source of energy and strength for all those true Telanganites in/from the region in both their life and death; in their happiness and sorrow; and in their ecstasy and despair.

It’s a morale booster for the oppressed and a nightmare for the oppressors.

The slogan had come out so vociferously through the dry and thirsty throats, hungry stomachs, boiling blood, shattered minds and broken hearts!

The decades old slogan has stood all the severe and cruel tests of times and resurged with much more vigour every time it was stifled with iron fists.

What “Vande Mataram” is to all our countrymen during our long and arduous freedom struggle and in all kinds of see-saws, “Jai Telangana” is to all the Telanganites in every nook and corner of the world!

One (every non Telanganite especially) must know, understand and remember very clearly that all our agitations, struggles, tribulations and upheavals have had been just to strengthen the Participatory Democracy of our country and to uphold our noble Constitutional values.


Hats off to the Torch Bearers of Telangana who always kept/keep our movement alive and constantly elevated/elevate our drooping spirits, and to their indomitable spirit against all odds!


Vande Mataram!


Jai Bolo Telangana!!


Mera Bharat Mahan!!!




Facts About Potti Sriramulu’s Fast Unto Death: History Distorted? Every Teluguite Must Read This!   Leave a comment

This is taken from my notes posted on Facebook, on August 12, 2013. Posting it here with some slight editing to spread awareness among all the Telugus how history is distorted by the preposterous Andhra elite sections and conceited scholars and academicians under the influence of the highly powerful and bullying sections and the unethically rich business classes.


Potti Sriramulu, a scapegoat/guinea pig used by the over jealous and greedy Andhra leaders?

Potti Sriramulu, a scapegoat/guinea pig used by the over jealous and greedy Andhra leaders?

Had Potti Sriramulu died through his fast unto death only for achieving the separate Andhra state from the then Madras state?

It’s nothing but history distorted, misquoted, and misappropriated by some bullying Andhra sections!

History books in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere tell us that Andhra state was formed due to the ‘sacrifice’ of Potti Sriramulu.

But, a careful analysis of the then newspaper reports and published books tells us a completely different story!!

Sriramulu was callously and ruthlessly forced to extend his “fast unto death”, on some extraneous grounds by some overenthusiastic and greedy Andhra leaders when the then Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, and the then Chief Minister of Madras state, C. Rajagopalachari were very much willing to concede to the demand for a separate Andhra state.

Newspaper (Andhra Patrika) report (dated December 12, 1952) of the then Chief Minister Rajaji assuring Andhra leaders in Legislative Council that he was ready to concede to the demand for a separate Andhra state if they unconditionally give up the baseless demand for Madras city.

Newspaper (Andhra Patrika) report (dated December 10, 1952) of the then Chief Minister Rajaji assuring Andhra leaders in Legislative Council that he was ready to concede to the demand for a separate Andhra state if they unconditionally give up the baseless demand for Madras city.

Potti Sriramulu was just a scapegoat calculatedly used by some over jealous and covetous Andhra leaders who wanted to extract some more geo-political mileage out of his fast unto death. They prevailed upon Sriramulu to continue his fast for some more days when he had already entered his 51st day, to demand the city of Madras from the Tamils. So Sriramulu died on the false hope and aspiration of getting the city of Madras which should have rightfully belonged to the Tamils.

The Andhra imperialists, capitalists and other bullying sections never bothered about the common man of their region, and their genuine hopes and aspirations. The people had/have been kept in the dark, and were/are always instigated to fight for false and dubious causes which would never materialize in their lifetime. The vulpine Andhra leaders have been deceiving, betraying and fooling their own people by promising them the moon!

The present movement christened, “Jai Samaikyandhra” (Agitation for the United Andhra Pradesh State including Telangana) is totally an artificial movement unleashed by some powerful sections from the Andhra region with the active support from the crony capitalists and the “yellow media mafia” who are desperate to have their hold on the geo-political and economic affairs of Telangana, as they exactly did with the then Madras state way back in 40’s and 50’s, through the slogan “Jai Andhra” (for a Separate Andhra state), the very antithesis of the present slogan with the Telangana state. They are now hell bent on to perpetuate their imperialism, hegemony and excessive exploitation in the Telangana region by their artificial “Jai Samaikyandhra” agitation. Whatever the slogan, “separatism” or “unitedness”, their ultimate aim is to illegally grab powers by deriving geo-political advantage, in order to further their hegemony, and excessive exploitation. The old separatist “Jai Andhra” movement and the present united “Samaikyandhra” agitation have one striking similarity between them. Both the movements have/had one common goal- it was for Madras city then which rightfully belonged to the Tamils; and for Hyderabad city now, which should rightfully belong to the Telangana people! The Andhra leaders never bothered about having their own exquisite capital city for their people. Rather, they had eyed on Madras city then, and now the city of Hyderabad. Their policy is almost like the queer habit of an obligate parasite like some species of cuckoo with the females laying their eggs in host nests by throwing out the hosts’ eggs! The advantage of laying their eggs in others’ nests is that they don’t have to take any further interest in the difficult business of rearing their offspring.

 Potti Sriramulu one day before he breathed his last.

Potti Sriramulu one day before he breathed his last.

One interesting and striking historical fact which had been suppressed by Andhra rulers on purpose is, Potti Sriramulu died on December 16, 1952 after the completion of a whopping 58 days of his fast unto death, demanding the city of Madras from the then Madras state, not as all the Telugu people were made to believe that he sacrificed his life for a separate state for the Telugu speaking people. The Andhra state without the city of Madras was formed on October 1, 1953 after it had been carved out from the Madras state. The greedy and covetous leaders from the Andhra state have merged their new state with the then fledgling state of Telangana (It was then a part of Hyderabad state which got its independence on September 17, 1948 from the tyrannical Nizam rulers.) on the false pretext of one people (based on language) and one state theory, which was totally smacked of their ulterior motives, and surreptitious designs for imperial expansion! The formation of the unified Andhra Pradesh state including Telangana on November 1, 1956, was very much against the interests, wishes and aspirations of the people of Telangana. Potti Sriramulu was no way related to the state of Andhra Pradesh, nor to the Telangana people. The cold-blooded and callous Andhra leaders have deprived the Telangana people of their historical past and forcefully rubbed on them their own history which itself is full of blatant lies! The Telangana youth were/are made to respect the Andhra contemporary and past leaders who are/were sheer black sheep and never showed any genuine interest or concern in the welfare of the Telangana people. There were some exceptions to them but their number was so less, and all their efforts to bring justice to the Telangana people were cleverly thwarted from time to time by their majority rogue counterparts.

The bullying leaders, and the audacious and conceited scholars and academicians from the Andhra region have totally perverted and distorted the history of Telangana just to further expand their imperialism, monopoly, hegemony and excessive exploitation.

 This is not something I've created. The statements made by Potti Sriramulu and Rajaji are on record! Translation of Sriramulu's statement: “We have developed Madras city.  I'll begin fast unto death for Madras city...”

This is not something I’ve created. The statements made by Potti Sriramulu and Rajaji are on record! Translation of Sriramulu’s statement: “We have developed Madras city. I’ll begin fast unto death for Madras city…”

The history of Telangana has been distorted so much that not many people outside and also inside Telangana know the difference between the Andhra state and the Andhra Pradesh state, and use these terms interchangeably!


For further information and startling revelations about Telangana and Andhra post-independent histories, and the historical lies propagated by the Andhra rogues, please follow the links below-

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పొట్టి శ్రీరాములును పొట్టన పెట్టుకున్నది ఎవరు? (మొదటి భాగం)

Who killed Potti Sriramulu?

Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu’s fast unto death was to get Madras city for Andhra state!

Facts about amarajeevi’s fast unto death


‘Dominant Caste and Territory in South India’, a Path-breaking Research by Dalel Benbabaali   6 comments

A wonderful research done by Dalel Benbabaali on the theme of caste dominance in the united state of Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana. How the people from the dominant castes of ‘Kamma’ and ‘Reddy’ used their socio-political, economic and cultural hegemony in their social upward mobility in a forceful way, is vividly elucidated by the researcher. A must watch video for all those who want to understand the caste equations in the south Indian state and how caste is used to perpetuate hegemony and imperialism, and the resultant over exploitation.

The researcher also talks about the Telangana issue and how the fledgling state of Telangana was merged with the dominant Andhra state purely on the basis of linguistic homogeneity without paying attention to the high prevalence of social, cultural and economic heterogeneity, and spatial inequality.

Benbabaali makes a graphical presentation on how the dominant (mainly Kamma) castes have controlled the social, political, cultural and economic landscape of the state of Andhra Pradesh by wresting the political power, controlling the media and film & entertainment industry, and business by their lopsided neo-liberal economic policies. She also talks about the genesis of Naxalite movement and the repressive measures adapted by the Kamma dominated governments under late NT Rama Rao and N Chandra Babu Naidu’s regimes.

Hats off to Dalel Benbabaali for the down-to-earth research carried by her and for bringing out groundbreaking realities of a territory long suppressed by caste dominance, socio-cultural hegemony and spatial and economic inequality, onto the international stage.

Here is the link to the highly informative, educative and illuminative presentation by the researcher- Dominant Caste and Territory in South India.

About Telangana and Its Current Movement in a Nutshell   4 comments

This is my comment taken from my fb timeline, posted in response to a query of one of my fb friends who wanted know about Telangana and what its present movement is all about.


Here it goes with some editing,

Thanks for your interest in Telangana affairs. Let me start from here, I belong to the Telangana region (which was a part of the erstwhile Independent Hyderabad state/country from 1724 up to 1948 under the Nizam rulers) of the unified Andhra Pradesh state. I’m for the demerger of the Telangana state which had been forcefully merged with the then Andhra state (which ironically, got divided itself from the Madras state in 1953) very much against the wishes and interests of the innocent, generous and gullible people from the new state of Telangana in1956. Thus the unified state of Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana) was formed on November 1, 1956.

The new fledgling state of Telangana with its excessive revenue and with the highly developed capital city of Hyderabad (which was a well known city world over even before the 50’s) was cleverly merged with the then resource crunch Andhra state with huge budget deficit and without any capital city, through intense lobbying by the then highly influential Andhra political leaders and their clever lobbyists at the central level.

The Andhra people were under British rule and so they were highly educated in English and could manage having proper contacts with the central leadership, whereas, the poor Telangana people had been under various dictatorships since the beginning, and had to eke out their miserable lives in the brutal feudal social setup nurtured by the rulers who always carried their own vested interests. So the people of Telangana were highly backward socially, politically and economically, and they could not wield much power in resisting the onslaught of those from the Andhra region who unilaterally forced the merger of the Telangana state with the then Andhra state just on the false and dubious pretext of “one language one state theory”.

Their unification attempt was in fact smacked of imperial expansion and over exploitation, and to prove that, they started exploiting the people of Telangana from the day one of the forced merger. Thousands of acres of lands in and around Hyderabad have illegally been grabbed by the business politicians and the capitalists for their imperial business expansion plans, right under the nose of the fascist Andhra rulers. Lion’s share of water has been diverted to the Andhra region by constructing big lopsided irrigation projects favoring only the Andhra farmers, leaving the people of Telangana in total and perpetual lurch. Their jobs, revenue and all kinds of resources have been usurped by the bullying Andhra elite and influential sections.

Telangana language and its dialects have always been mocked at, a very vibrant culture has been destroyed, history is perverted and the total social consciousness has been made weak, powerless and dependent at their mercy. The people of Telangana were totally discriminated against on every front, by the Andhra imperial and fascist rulers who resorted to blatant favouritism and nepotism with apparent impunity, corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats, preposterous and obnoxious elite sections, unethically rich business classes and highly depraved big shots of Tollywood. All of these sections have formed themselves into a powerful clique with the single motto of exploiting the innocent Telangana people. The native people were driven out from their own cities and towns and they were made aliens in their own lands.

The movement for the “demerger” (not “separation” as most of us believe!) of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital from the farcical, dubious and over exploitative “Imperial and fascist united Andhra Pradesh State” is a very long-standing movement (for over six decades!) for achieving self-identity, self-respect, self-rule and self-reliance is based on strong historical, socio-cultural, linguistic, political and economic reasons.

The agitation for Telangana is an anti-feudal, anti-imperial and anti-fascist movement strongly pitted against the over exploitative Andhra ruling classes and the crony capitalists.

This is about Telangana in a nutshell. I hope I made it clear in my own way as I understood, and hope you got to know something about Telangana and its movement for self-assertion!

It’s a long saga of story of exploitation, discrimination, molestation, extermination, migration, misery, hunger, suicides, and rebellion, and the list is awfully long…!

There are plenty of sites talking about Telangana issues and Telangana movement on Internet. You have to properly Google search for them, with the input of right words and phrases.

Thanks again for showing active interest in Telangana and its great long-standing movement!

A Counter by a Telanganite to the Report of ‘The Hindu’   1 comment


For TELANGANA, Forever !


This is a counter by me posted on my fb timeline, to The Hindu columnist Mr. P. Sainath’s biased report appeared in two parts on The Hindu, on August 14 and 16, 2013. I would like to share it here with some slight editing, in order to spread the genuine message of Telangana, wide across.

Here is my reaction to the Part-1 of the misleading report

It’s totally unbecoming a man of such stature and repute as Mr. P. Sainath, rural editor, an acclaimed reporter/columnist of The Hindu and an eminent social scientist resorting to such a misinformation campaign by siding with the Andhra people in total disregard to the age old dreams, hopes and aspirations of the people of Telangana whose nearly six decade long struggle for self-rule is purely based on a genuine longing for securing justice, equality and due share of water, electricity, jobs, revenue and other resources illegally being usurped by the bullying Andhra people. It’s really shocking to see the man who is highly regarded for his balanced reporting, stooping to such a low level of fanning out a feeling of insecurity and fear psychosis among the people from the Andhra region by his totally false, biased and misleading report.

The great intellectual talks about the children of Andhra, and their perceived plight in the aftermath of the separation (nay, demerger!) of Telangana state from (the dubious, farcical and over exploitative) united Andhra Pradesh state, but never cares about the starving and emaciated rural kids of Telangana in the united Andhra Pradesh state who are left to fend for themselves by their parents who migrate to the towns, cities and even countries in search of livelihood, and hundreds of youth who committed (and are still committing) suicide for the sake of a separate state of Telangana unable to see and digest the excessive exploitation in every front happening before their very eyes under the imperial and fascist Andhra rulers.

The reporting by the writer that “those who are working in Hyderabad such as painters, electricians, watchmen, security guards, canteen workers and other such workers have to return to their native places once the state of Telangana is formed” is totally a baseless and flimsy argument just to spread panic among the workers who are settled in Hyderabad, and to create a chaotic situation in the city so that the aims of certain vested interests of deriving some geo-political mileage out of the chaotic situation as falsely spread by certain rogue politicians and the crony capitalists, are fulfilled. I strongly suggest Mr. Sainath to read the 400 year old history of Hyderabad, the cosmopolitan city which had hosted and gave (and still giving) shelter to thousands of people from wide spectra of Indian sub-continent! Let the reporter come out with proper data of incidents of vandalism or arson of any kind against any Andhraite who has settled here for his livelihood, to corroborate his reportage. The agitation for a separate state of Telangana has reached its highest peak during the period from late 2009 till the end of the year 2012. Tens and scores of Telangana youth, mostly students, have so far immolated themselves for achieving their dream state of Telangana, and not a single incident of unprovoked attack on any Andhraite had occurred during the period. Then why is this sudden outburst of misconceived and miscalculated notions, and uncanny illusions and hallucinations?

It’s my moral responsibility and obligation as a sensible Telanganite to set things right and put them in perspective! Mr. Sainath must understand that the agitation for the separate Telangana state is based on proper historical facts and strong social and political reasons, and for securing justice to its people. I sincerely and humbly request him to read some history of Telangana and its historic armed struggle for liberation from the tyrannical Nizam rulers, the rural feudalists and their stooges, and how the people of Telangana were deceived, betrayed, and exploited after the fledgling state of Telangana was forced to be merged with the bullying Andhra state very much against the aspirations and interests of the people of Telangana. There is no dearth of information available on this on internet. All he has to have is some concern and genuine curiosity to know the historical facts, and how history is twisted, perverted and destroyed to further the causes of the Andhra vested interests! He should try to come out of the “make-believe” created by the vulpine Seemandhra leadership which he is finding himself in, and made a sincere attempt to know the truth about Telangana and how its people were/are always discriminated against, and perpetually kept at receiving end under the Seemandhra rule.

We, the people of Telangana are not for emotional division, we want just political division, and I don’t understand why there is so much fuss about it! This is just a false propaganda spread by the Andhra media which is tightly under the control of the crony capitalists who work hand in glove with the Seemandhra imperial rulers and the neo-colonialists. All the baseless debates about the status of Hyderabad are unleashed by the corrupt politicians with their own vested interests who have a bigger stake in the city’s vast pool of lands with their unethical and immoral practices. For the rest of the population it never makes an iota of difference if the city of Hyderabad is made the only capital of the future Telangana state. By the way, Hyderabad should always be the capital of Telangana and it is genuine and based on strong historical facts and geographical and demographical considerations. Every true historian, sociologist or economist strongly supports this!

I just request everyone not to fall prey to such a false propaganda unleashed by some vested interests, i.e. the corrupt politicians and the crony capitalists who have always been hell bent on playing with the sentiments of the innocent people by their foxy politicking and emotional blackmailing in order to achieve their selfish ends. The “Samaikyandhra” (i.e. United Andhra Pradesh including Telangana) movement in the state of Andhra Pradesh excluding the Telangana region, is an artificial movement unleashed by the corrupt politicians, and the “yellow media mafia” is playing second fiddle to those rogue elements! This is nothing but their preposterous arrogance smacked of ulterior motives, and sheer imperial expansion and further exploitation!

My humble request to all from both the regions, especially from the Andhra side, and most importantly to those who have settled in Hyderabad is, “please read the history and historical facts before commenting on any burning social or political issue. Please don’t venture into baseless arguments without proper perspective. It’ll backfire!” We are always inclined to take thousands of Hyderabadis wherever they might have come from and settled here, along with us in our long march towards more peace, prosperity and glory provided they will wholeheartedly be with us, and let’s make things clear once and for all that our ire and war is only against the fascist and imperial Seemandhra ruling classes and the neo-colonialists, neo-feudalists, capitalists, the oppressors & exploiters, and the traitors of Telangana, both inside and outside, and certainly not against the pro-Telangana Seemandhra people who are our esteemed brethren, and they will continue to have the same love and affection, and there is always a special, warm and secure place for them in our bosom. We want only political division, and not emotional! The Telangana intellectuals are ever ready to dispel and clear all the false notions and uncanny illusions harboured by the innocent Seemandhra people. Please know the truth and fight for it, come what may! God’s always with those who fight for the truth.

Talking about wealth, the entire Andhra region owes a lot to the people of Telangana and any true economist unequivocally agrees with this. How could a genius like Mr. Sainath turn a blind eye to the exploitation of a colossal scale, of Telangana people by their bullying Andhra counterparts in the form of vast stretches of lands, water, electricity, jobs, revenue and other resources for over six decades? And still there is no letup to this over exploitation! I don’t understand what has prompted Mr. Sainath who is representing one of the most reputed national dailies of India, known for its high ethical standards in journalism, to side with the Andhra people and write against the innocent and generous people of Telangana! Sixty years of coexistence with the Andhra people is a strong testimony to our amicable nature and the generosity of the highest order! I personally request Mr. Sainath not to venture into such false reporting again, thereby bring disrespect and disrepute to the mighty “The Hindu” and tarnish its zenithal image and credibility!

About water issues, the reporter is advised to carefully study the statistics of river water (from the Krishna and the Godavari) sharing between Telangana and Andhra, and how Telangana people have been systematically neglected, deceived, betrayed, and made totally powerless and dependent in course of nearly sixty years of coexistence under the imperial and fascist Seemandhra rule! The writer shows the 2011 census to corroborate his points about agrarian crisis and the high rate of farmers who are on the verge of committing suicide in the united state of Andhra Pradesh. I request him to divide this data between Andhra and Telangana and present the true picture before the nation. Then, this will be an unbiased and balanced reporting. The nation has every right to know the truth! Let him spill the beans and come out with individual data- both from Andhra, and Telangana. Can he dare do that?

Some of the Andhra people can’t send their children to America, but we, the majority of Telangana people, can’t afford to send our children to good schools and colleges in our villages and towns, and not even to govt. institutions, as the so called democratic government is totally indifferent and apathetic to our genuine hopes and aspirations, and to even basic human rights!

My reaction to the Part-2 of the report

The Hindu should not lose its credibility by its misleading and biased reports!

Mr. P. Sainath is once again resorting to a sheer misinformation campaign by his totally misleading and biased reporting. This time the columnist is driving home what he has to say in a very clever and in his own ingenious way, by siding with the common men from both the regions and pitting them against the corrupt politicians. It’s once again advised to the columnist to acquaint himself with the history and historical facts of Telangana before writing on such a contentious issue of the division, nay, DEMERGER of the state of Telangana from the tyrannical, fascist, imperialistic and over exploitative united Andhra Pradesh state!

The people of Telangana want their Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital at this juncture, and they will definitely fight for the cleansing and correction of their political system after they get their own state. The people of Telangana carry the rich knowledge experience of various social, political and economic issues gained through a very long period of peaceful democratic struggle for securing justice to their land, and this insightful experience will definitely come in handy for them in future for working on for more social justice and inclusive growth.

The maverick writer has miserably failed here in taking a clear cut stand on the burning division issue. He should have taken a perfect, balanced stand on the most contentious issue which has been raging on for decades, instead of beating around the bush! The disease of “selective amnesia” is further taking its toll on the reporter and he should get himself cured of that disease with utmost urgency.

Here are two of the comments posted online to the misleading article series (with some minor corrections in grammar and punctuation)-

1. This is fully misleading and biased article favouring Costal Andhra region!! It decreases the credibility of the great news paper called The Hindu!! Please don’t encourage any biased one sided articles or arguments!! So far Telangana Jobs and water resources have been exploited against the Constitution and G.O.s. Costal Andhra region is now thinking about how they can still grab them if Telangana state is formed. It’s very obvious that in the new state we can use our allocated water resources and can get the jobs meant only for us. There will not be any opportunity for Andhra region people to take away Telangana jobs!! Unnecessarily some politicians and some section of people are creating fears in people.
from: Srikanth
Posted on: Aug 14, 2013 at 14:40 IST

2. I have huge respect for P Sainath, but it is sad to see him take sides on the Telangana issue. Why was he silent when Telangana was in turmoil for almost 3 years till now? And what does he have to say about the huge difference in the Seemandhra-dominated administration’s response to the protests in these two regions. Telangana protesters faced unprecedented police suppression. Osmania University has turned into a police fortress ruining the future of scores of students. Striking Telangana employees were forced to lose pay for striking work. Agitators were put in jails and still face various criminal cases. In contrast, agitators from Seemandhra are facing no such issues; the government has not taken any administrative action to bring the striking government employees back to work. University students are participating in protest movements, indulging in arson and destruction, yet no police action is seen. Is it because the ruling elite is from Seemandhra? Care to answer, Mr Sainath?
from: Ashutosh Panchbhai
Posted on: Aug 16, 2013 at 13:05 IST

A humble request and suggestion to the publishers of the mighty The Hindu-

The Andhra Pradesh edition of The Hindu is nothing but “The Imperial Andhra” edition covering only Seemandhra news and spreading its false and farcical message. I feel, there is a strong need to have another special edition catering to the pressing needs of the Telangana people, and to voice their genuine concerns, hopes and aspirations. We, the people of Telangana hope The Hindu will continue to live up to its highest standards of ethical and responsible journalism, especially in the future fledgling state of Telangana in its march towards glory, and win the confidence of its people. I had been an avid reader of The Hindu for more than 15 years and I hope I’ll continue to be so in years to come. All depends on the reputed newspaper’s commitment to responsible reportage.

Please see to it that such a faux pas, as committed by Mr. P. Sainath, by his totally biased reporting never recurred! The future history will never forgive such blunders of “selective amnesia”!!

The last word-

Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital will be a reality soon. Hail the people of Telangana for their almost 6 decade long peaceful and democratic movement for the demerger of their state from the bullying united Andhra Pradesh state.

Hats off to the spirit of pure democratic values, tolerance and forbearance, love and affection of the people of Telangana!



On Language, Tradition, Culture and Civilization: Rise of Regional Aspirations in India- Demand for the DEMERGER of the Telangana State from the Unified Andhra Pradesh State, a Quintessential Example   4 comments

This article deals with the terms- tradition, culture and civilization vis-à-vis language and its dialectal variations in the postmodernist context, in the backdrop of the recent surge in the enormously long-standing demand for the demerger of the Telangana state from the ‘unified Andhra Pradesh state’ which was formed on November 01, 1956, purely on the basis of linguistic reorganization of the states of our country, and on certain conditions in order to safeguard the interests of the Telangana people. But the irony is, the language has been used as a tool to systematically demoralize, demean and perpetually weaken the people of Telangana. The writer talks about the importance of carving out the state of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital, from the dubious and farcical unified Andhra Pradesh state based on historical, linguistic, social, cultural, political and economic reasons, and eventually hopes for brotherhood and camaraderie to prevail upon the people of the three distinct regions of the Telugu speaking state, with proper understanding and appreciation of the democratic rights and aspirations of the people of Telangana. Finally the writer concludes his article by stressing the paramount importance of saving the noble democracy of India by preserving the diversity which is the sine qua non of its unity.


On tradition, culture and civilization         

kaleidoscopic delight

India, the great kaleidoscopic delight.

There are some interesting facts worth discussing and debating about the terms like tradition, culture and civilization, and also there is a strong need to revisit and redefine these concepts in the post-modern and globalised trans-cultural scenario, though most of the proponents of Indian tradition and culture baulk at this very proposition.  Now it’s time to recognize the fact that tradition, culture and civilization are no one’s monopoly, and everybody has a stake and a strong contribution in enriching them, especially in the Indian socio-cultural milieu, wherein all these are embedded into one, to form a beautiful mosaic, that gives an aesthetic kaleidoscopic delight to a viewer who views it with some objectivity and humanism in his/her heart and mind.

The true tradition and culture are the ones which let everyone grow with dignity and let them have and preserve their own distinctive identities and uniqueness.  But they should never be a means of usurpation, hegemony, subjugation and subsequent exploitation.  There had/have been scores of instances in the world history, of one civilization dominating the other on the false pretext of traditional and cultural supremacy, which was/is the root cause of the subsequent exploitation, damage and destruction of scores of pure native traditions and cultures, thereby paralyzing or hampering or ceasinggrowth of their civilizations. the healthy growth of their civilizations.






Exploitation on the name of traditional and cultural supremacy      

It’s purely in the guise of reforming and refining other cultures and civilizations that some vested interests, calling it their burden or bounden duty,their burden or bounden duty, 1 have donned the mantle and been hell bent on it, in spite of stiff resistancetheir burden or bounden duty, 2 from the natives. This is exactly the starting point of the ensuing exploitation, and plundering of all the resources, thereby making the less powerful, and innocent & gullible people socially, culturally and economically weak and dependant. Linked to this is the major and catastrophic aftermath effect of perpetual political powerlessness and dependence, and the subsequent monopoly, hegemony and subjugation.monopoly, hegemony and subjugation2monopoly, hegemony and subjugation1

Now, the time has, as never before, come to revisit and redefine all these abstract yet powerful concepts, and concretize them to give a distinct identity, substantial shape and uniqueness to every society.  The time has come for all those who had/have been neglected and disregarded for ages, and discouraged from asserting their own distinct and unique identities, and now, there should be no more monopoly and hegemony, subjugation or suppression of any society on the lines of tradition, culture, civilization, and language, and also connected to these, and as a consequence of these, social, economic and political, economic and political imperialism2social, economic and political imperialism1






The Post-modern perspective

Due to the impact of the egalitarian and liberal education and opportunities,liberal education and opportunities post-modern ideals, globalization, strong media, both print and electronic, and the ubiquitous social networking/sharing sites likeinternet concept Facebook,social networkingsharing sites like2 Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, thanks to the phenomenal leap in the effective handling and usage of information and communication technology,information and communication technology and its various user friendly interface mechanisms,user friendly interface mechanisms, the people who have so far been limited to the fringes have started coming to the centre stage and are shaking the very foundations of it to its bottom, and asserting their own unique identities, rights and rightful placesrights and rightful places in the vast socio-cultural firmament of the world in general, and of India in particular. Now everyone who had been neglected and disregarded for several ages by the successive ruling classes characterized & influenced by, and consisting of neo-feudalists, neo-colonialists and capitalists, have started to question the monopoly and hegemony of those sections of society who are minuscule in number, but are highly powerful & influential, and headstrong & cold-hearted.



The Telangana connection


K. Chandra Shekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR, the maverick political leader of Telangana who gave a political shape to its liberation movement which had been brutally suppressed by the imperial and fascist Andhra rulers by falsely labeling it anti-national and anti-social. KCR is known for his fiery speeches in typical Telangana dialect of Telugu language interspersed with humour and satire in his own peculiar style which strike an emotional chord with the Telangana people. He is the man who was mainly responsible for bringing all the pro-Telangana forces together and for bringing the Telangana issue to the centre-stage of Indian politics.

This is exactly what has been going on for several decades in the Telangana region of India.  The people of Telangana have started reasoning and questioning

Father of Telangana and the beacon light of its movement and the great ideologue, Late Prof. K. Jaya Shankar, fondly called “Jayashankar sir” by all the Telanganaites. He was an acclaimed economist, social scientist, political philosopher, and an orator / public speaker par excellence. He was an avowed bachelor and dedicated his entire life for securing justice to the people of Telangana.

Father of Telangana and the beacon light of its movement and the great ideologue, Late Prof. K. Jaya Shankar, fondly called “Jayashankar sir” by all the Telanganaites. He was an acclaimed economist, social scientist, political philosopher, and an orator / public speaker par excellence. He was an avowed bachelor and dedicated his entire life for securing justice to the people of Telangana.

the age old subjugation and exploitation of the Andhra and Rayalaseema ruling classes, and are fighting for their self-rule and self-respect by asserting their own distinctive identity, which is totally unpalatable to the insensitive hegemonic and exploitative ruling classes who exist and work hand in glove with the crony capitalists. The separate Telangana movement, and the struggle for liberation from the exploitative Andhra rulers is purely based on asserting its own identity,

Offshore mission Telangana, an ambitious mission of reclaiming its historical and cultural past, long neglected and perverted under the fascist Andhra rulers.

Offshore mission Telangana, an ambitious mission of reclaiming its historical and cultural past, long neglected and perverted under the fascist Andhra rulers.

reclaiming its own historical and cultural heritage,

The demand for a separate state of Telangana is not just political and economic, it's also based on strong historical, social, cultural and linguistic reasons.

The demand for a separate state of Telangana is not just political and economic, it’s also based on strong historical, social, cultural and linguistic reasons.

and securing political independence, and economic prosperity by way of self-sufficiency.



The Linguistic Monopoly and language equations    

The fundamental thing and the first step in overthrowing this hegemony and subjugation lies in resisting the linguistic and cultural onslaught, and striving for the assertion of one’s own distinct linguistic, and cultural identities, as both these things are closely, and intricately and subtly woven together, and which give a special identity to any society.  An interesting and striking thing about domination is that which starts from linguistic monopoly.

Our slang and our culture, our identity!

Our slang and our culture, our identity!

The self-proclaimed and self-styled custodians of language and culture in the unified state of Andhra Pradesh call the Andhra Telugu dialect as the supreme dialect, the Rayalaseema Telugu dialect as the lesser one, and the Telangana Telugu dialect as the least and derisive one. These kinds of language equations allow them to have the subsequent cultural hegemony and subjugation.  If one speaks in pure and unadulterated Telangana slang out of sheer love towards his/her linguistic and cultural nativity and identity, he/she is labeled as less cultured, coarse and uncivilized; and when one speaks in typical aggressive Telangana tone and tenor, borne out of heartburn unable to withstand and digest the excessive subjugation and exploitation happening before his/her very eyes, he/she is branded as pervert, anti-social, anti-national,anti-social, anti-national, secessionist1 secessionist,anti-social, anti-national, secessionist2 subversiveanti-social, anti-national, secessionist3 and in some extreme cases, involving chauvinism, bias, bigotry and prejudice, and the subsequent repression, as extremists or militants, and they are constantly hounded & persecuted,

constantly hounded & persecuted,harassed & tortured, and even eliminated from the scene, or forced to take their own precious lives.  It’s almost like label the dog stray & mad, and kill it, if you don’t like it.  In a striking contrast to all this, the person who speaks Andhra Telugu dialect is skillfully and schematically regarded as highly cultured, civilized, nationalist, integrationist etc., which automatically allows him to gain an upper hand over others who do not speak Andhra Telugu dialect.

ruling classes and the crony capitalists,

Andhra mainstream (nay, maiMstream!) media, height of “yellow journalism”.

There has been a misinformation campaign spread by the mainstream media,spread by the mainstream media, scores of news papers and TV channels, the cancerous offshoots of Andhra ruling classes and the crony capitalists, that everything that is associated with Andhra as nationalistic and progressive, and all that is associated with Telangana as anti-national and anti-national and subversive.  It’s almost akin to the British calling everything that was Indian as superstitious, subversive, enigmatic & dark, and everything that was English as logical & scientific, forward looking, clear & bright during the colonial encounter. This was because of their sheer ignorance, arrogance, snobbishness and the lack of understanding and concern for the other.  But one thing is clear, the colonizers in Telangana are doing more harm to its people than the British as a whole, did to India, as there are scores of evidences to show that the Indians have been benefited in some respects during and after the British encounter.



Let’s all strive to root out all the false differences and equations

There is a strong need to separate, deregulate and emancipate Pappucharu from Sambar, and Pachchi pulusu from Rasam, and let them retain their own separate flavours/tastes, and let all these grow as separate, distinct and unique entities.  Let sambar and rasam not regulate and usurp the tastes of pappucharu and pacchipulusu, and thereby put their distinct flavours in jeopardy.  It’s high time every one recognized the authentic, and genuine fact and reality, that in the postmodernist context, the centre(s) is/are not necessarily in the centre,are not necessarily in the centre, but in fact, it’s/they’re rather everywhere and the circumference nowhere.everywhere and the circumference nowhere. Let’s all also recognize, understand and appreciate the simple fact that each and every tradition, culture and civilization has its own pride of place in the larger cultural firmament, and ethos of India.  We must let all these survive and grow in peaceful coexistence, and in an environment of mutual respect & enrichment, there not being any sort of competition, equations or conundrums among these.

They (i.e. the exploitative sections from the Andhra region) see a lack of culture and refinement in the Telangana slang and dialect, its food habits and life styles, but the people of Telangana see clearly and vividly a lot of love and affection in all of them.  Their policy is ‘live happily, and let others not live with dignity & happiness’, whereas, the policy of Telangana people is ‘live, and let others live with dignity & happiness’.  They believe in usurping and the people of Telangana believe in sharing and enjoying the fruits together without any kind of discrimination or division.

promote our own unique distinctive identities.

Batukamma, a festival of seasonal flowers of myriad hues, an age old tradition of Telangana, of thanks giving to the Goddess Durga celebrated by women with much pomp and gaiety. This festival is characterized by love, affection and camaraderie barring any class and caste equations, a perfect example of unity through time tested cultures.

Dear friends, let’s all strive to root out and obliterate all these dubious, farcical and false equations and definitions based on language and culture completelylanguage and culture completely from our mindsets and social psyche, and let’s all preserve and promote our own unique distinctive identities.








The Telangana demand is highly democratic and constitutional

 “Without social union, political unity is difficult to be achieved. If achieved, it would be as precarious as a summer sapling, liable to be uprooted by the gust of wind. With mere political unity, India may not be a state. But to be a state is not to be a nation and a state which is not a nation has small prospects of survival in the struggle of existence…” - Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

“Without social union, political unity is difficult to be achieved. If achieved, it would be as precarious as a summer sapling, liable to be uprooted by the gust of wind. With mere political unity, India may not be a state. But to be a state is not to be a nation and a state which is not a nation has small prospects of survival in the struggle of existence…”
– Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

The demerger (note, not separation) is an enormously long-pending and overdue aspiration and demand of nearly forty million people of the region, and it is highly democratic, constitutional, genuine and appreciable.constitutional, genuine and appreciable Moreover, it’s scientifically and practically proven all over the world that smaller states/counties with a certain number of population as decided/fixed from time to time by ideal policy makers, administrative thinkers and legal luminaries, and with some amounts of different kinds of resources for their self-sufficiency, are highly viable in administrative and legal points of view as there is better governance, effective supervision and monitoring, and management of all kinds of resources and their distribution on equitable basis, more transparency, proper law-enforcement, and above all, more devolution of powers, and speedier implementation of various welfare schemes which ultimately pave the way for the rapid growth in all the fronts of the states, which in turn augurs well for the healthy functioning of the great & noble democracy of India, the fact which was recognized and proclaimed by none other than the chief architect of our constitution, Baba Saheb Ambedkar quite a long time ago.

So, all the intellectuals and sensible people who still have unflinching faith in the Indian Democracy, the Rule of Law, and the Law of the Land, cutting across all the three regions- Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana, have to put aside all their baseless, unnecessary, unreasonable and unrealistic apprehensions, doubts and mistrust, and try to save democracy in the Telangana regiondemocracy in the Telangana region from the clutches of certain neo-feudal, neo-colonial, capitalistic, and rogue elements with vested interests, and allow the Telangana people to have their self-rule, self-sufficiency and self-respect which is their democratic and legitimate right,their democratic and legitimate right, and which is quite long overdue. There should be no room for senseless politicking and emotional blackmailing over this. Let the hatchet be buried, and let the pestilence be stamped out once and for all.


The Telangana demand has genuine historical and political reasons

cleverly and skillfully snatched that away

The beautiful cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad which is the heart of Telangana has / had always been a cynosure of all bad eyes- of imperialists, of neo-colonialists, of fascist rulers and of crony capitalists.

gullible nature of the Telangana people.

An excellent illustration of how the people of Telangana have been betrayed and exploited by the imperial and fascist Andhra rulers, which started soon after the forced merger of the Telangana state with the then Andhra state.

We all know India got independence on August 15, 1947 from the British rulers. But the people of Telangana had to breathe their first free air only on September 17, 1948, more than a year after India got its independence. Telangana state got liberated only on that day from the oppressive and tyrannical Nizam rulers. It was the result of the cumulative effect of so many selfless sacrifices (scores of precious lives!) of the people of Telangana through long arduous armed struggles, and that freedom, to their total shock and dismay, was very much short lived and could not be sustained, as some rogue elements- wolves in sheep’s clothing, calling themselves good Samaritans; and some corporate sharks, professing progress and development, had cleverly and skillfully snatched that away from them by clubbing the unassuming and fledgling state of Telangana with the then newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh, on November 01, 1956, and started gradually plundering their revenue, jobs, land, water and other resources by taking advantage of the innocence, ignorance, generosity and the gullible nature of the Telangana people. They were constantly made totally weak and powerless, and made to perpetually depend on the Andhra ruling classes. This has been willfully going on for nearly six decades with the active support of the crony capitalists who always work hand in glove with the exploitative ruling classes, and the mainstream media, both print and electronic, which are always under their active control, have been quite blatantly resorting to yellow journalism by playing second fiddle to their farcical whims and fancies, and fanning out their self-interestsand fanning out their self-interests, and ideologies, smacked of imperial expansion and further exploitation. They have been doing this with apparent impunity.

from the Andhra region,

Thousands of jobs which must legally belong to the Telanganaites were snatched away by the Andhraites through backdoors, illegally and dishonestly facilitated by the Andhra ruling classes in the unified Andhra Pradesh state.

powerless in a phased manner

Discrimination of a colossal scale in water sharing between Andhra and Telangana regions. Telangana has been constantly and willfully neglected and discriminated against by the fascist Andhra rulers with much impunity.

All the conditions agreed upon at the time of the forced merger of the Telangana state (a part of the then independent state of Hyderabad) with the state of Andhra Pradesh to safeguard the interests of the people of Telangana, have blatantly been flouted and breached on quite a regular basis in a systematic way from the day one, to further the causes of the vested interests from the Andhra region, in total disregard to the interests of the unassuming people of Telangana. The fledgling state of Telangana which was highly surplus in its revenue and with huge wealth left by the Nizam rulers at that time, was cleverly and skillfully clubbed with the then state of Andhra Pradesh which was struggling with its crippling economy with huge budget deficit, very much against the wishes and interests of the people of Telangana, and later on, they were constantly deceived, betrayed, and made socially, culturally, educationally, politically, and more importantly, economically weak and powerless in a phased manner under the fascist rule of the Seemandhra ruling classes. Telangana has been ruled by various rulers for hundreds of years, and is still ruled by others. The people of Telangana had/have been deceived, betrayed and exploited by several monsters in varied forms, and still there is no respite for them from the new monsters, albeit in fine and highly refined forms, and with sweeter tongues.

own contribution and pride of place1

Charminar in Hyderabad is an historical monument built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 A.D.

own contribution and pride of place4

The College of Arts & Social Sciences of Osmania University is a beautiful heritage monument and the pride of Hyderabad. Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan laid the foundation stone for the Arts College building on the 5th July 1934, and it was declared open on 4th Dec 1939. (

unthinkable and unimaginable,1

The High Court stands on the south bank of the River Musi. This is one of the finest buildings in the city, built in red and white stones in Saracenic style, by Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan the ruler of the princely state of Hyderabad.
The Plan of the High Court was drawn up by Shankar Lal of Jaipur and the local engineer who executed the design was Mehar Ali Fazil. The construction started on 15 April 1915 and was completed on 31 March 1919. On 20 April 1920 the High Court building was inaugurated by Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan.

unthinkable and unimaginable,2

The Andhra Pradesh State Assembly Building, located in Hyderabad city, is the seat of the Andhra Pradesh Legislature.
It was built in 1913, the building was originally the Hyderabad Town hall. The Citizens of Princely state of Hyderabad raised money to build it to mark the 40th birthday of Nizam Mir Mahboob Ali Khan in 1905. This white gem of Hyderabad’s architectural splendor was designed by specially commissioned architects. It adjoins the picturesque public gardens.

culmination of another long arduous struggle for liberation.

Six decades old ambition, just for Telangana… Telangana forever…!

It’s high time on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of India’s Independence, to reflect on what had been done to the people of Telangana, and what had been taken away from them, in spite of their strong opposition under the fascist Andhra rulers and the neo-colonialists, and the crony capitalists. The time is now ripe to let Telangana people reclaim their own identity and self-respect, which is only possible with the demerger of the Telangana state from the oppressive and exploitative Andhra Pradesh. The people of Telangana have nothing to do with the imperialistic and exploitative Andhra rulers, and they have every democratic and constitutional right to be liberated from the clutches of the farcical & dubious Unitedness. Nothing short of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital is acceptable to the people of Telangana at the present crucial juncture, the culmination of another long arduous struggle for liberation. Hyderabad city is a part and parcel of the Telangana state, and has its own contribution and pride of place in the historical and cultural heritage of Telangana for several ages, much before the forced merger of the Telangana state with Andhra Pradesh on November 01, 1956. The new state of Telangana without Hyderabad as its capital is unthinkable and unimaginable, and any true historian who knows the history of Telangana, and any sociologist or economist who deeply studied the various social and economic conditions (The both of them are invariably linked with each other.) in the region, from the time of the forced merger to the date, unequivocally agrees with this, and all the geographical and demographical factors related to the strategic position of the city of Hyderabad in the state of Telangana, strongly vindicate this statement.


To the political classes        

beautifully unified mosaic panoramic view

Incredible India!

exquisitely knit by our forefathers,

India, “a striking unity in mind-boggling diversity”, a big puzzle for an outsider!

preserve and nurture our diversity,

India, “the paint of unity with a thousand and one colours”, beauty drawn in a magnificent way!

The various political classes, and their rank and file from the unified Andhra Pradesh state have to understand this, and try to concede to the age old aspirations of the Telangana people- reclaiming and assertion of their own identity and self-respect, which can only be possible through self-rule.  And also, our larger political spectrum across the vast Indian sub-continent in general, and from the three regions- Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana in particular, should understand and appreciate with some benevolence and open-heartedness, the basic nuances of Indian tradition and cultural heritage for which India is famous all over the world, and also for its divergence & diversity which gives a great, beautifully unified mosaic panoramic view to any outsider who views it.  However, any sensible insider can see the much palpable cracks developing from within, which, if not patched up with timely sensible intervention, will turn into wider & deeper chasms, and bring about disastrous and catastrophic consequences in the not so distant future, and will threaten the basic unity and the strong fabric of our nation which had been so delicately and exquisitely knit by our forefathers, freedom fighters, and the national leaders during the formative years of our nation building.  So, it’s imperative for all of us to preserve and nurture our diversity, without any room for any sort of prejudice or friction among all of us in order to be much more united.

Let’s hope better sense prevails over our sensible political classes from the Seemandhra region, and thereby, they get enlightened about the strong need to fulfill the age old aspirations of the Telangana people, unlike their counterparts in yesteryears who played with the lives and sentiments of the people of Telangana with much hatred, bias, derision, heavy-handedness, excessive brutality and repression.  Now the time is ripe and right for the present ruling class, to act instantly and realistically with some maturity, and have a special page of appreciation allocated to them in the future Telangana history books or a few derisive lines with much contempt! Now it’s time for them to decide and act sensibly.


To the people at large

The ire and war of the people of Telangana is only against the Seemandhra ruling classes, and the neo-colonialists, neo-feudalists, capitalists, the oppressors, exploiters, and the traitors of Telangana, both inside and outside, and certainly not against the pro-Telangana Seemandhra people who are their esteemed brethren, and they will continue to have the same love and affection, and there is always a special, warm and secure place for them in their bosom.

It’s requested everyone to be realistic & pragmatic, and sensible & broad minded in recognizing, accepting and appreciating the democratic wish & demand of the Telangana people. It should be noted at this juncture that the people of Telangana region want only political & administrative division, and not emotional. It’ll be lovely to have two strong and modern Telugu speaking states- one, highly cosmopolitan, liberal, multi-lingual and multi-cultural; and the other, highly traditional and cultural; and also two wonderful, vibrant and prosperous capital cities including Hyderabad with scope for employment opportunities on a massive scale, in addition to Bangalore, Chennai and Thiruvanathapuram in Southern India.

Finally, it is very much important for all of us to understand and appreciate the importance of preserving the divergence & diversity, and the pluralistic ethos of India which is the sine qua non of its unity. Let’s all be Diversified & United and make our country a more wonderful & beautiful place in the World.


Jai Telangana!

                               Jai Bharat!

                                                     Satyamev jayate!!                                                                                                      




(Thanks to Dr. A.V. Koshy for his valuable inputs. Thanks are also due to several of my friends who insisted on sharing this article in wider circles in order to spread the genuine message of Telangana. Special thanks to for giving a bigger platform for the Voice of Telangana in its most pressing times.)

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