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We are paying the price for the loopholes ingrained in our system!   Leave a comment

Horrendous scenes of the Volvo A/c sleeper coach bus (of Jabbar Travels, a private bus operating service) fire accident near Kothakota in Mahabubnagar District in Telangana. The ill fated bus was going from Bangalore to Hyderabad. It caught fire by hitting against a culvert while overtaking a car. This happened in pre-dawn hours of today. The fire totally engulfed the bus and almost all (45 in total, including a small girl child who clung herself to her mother till the final moment. The charred remains of both of them are still inseparable. Many of the dead were in their prime youth looking forward to meet their dear ones and enjoy the festival of lights together!) the passengers (who were in their deep sleep and were dreaming of a bright and colorful Deepavali to be celebrated at home with family and friends) barring a few (7, including the driver and his assistant, who were sitting in the front cabin and jumped out to their safety, leaving those sitting behind them to their ill fate!) charred to death beyond recognition. There was a young man, a budding engineer fresh from his college, in the deceased who got selected for a top notch multinational software company in Bangalore with a very handsome salary, and was going home to share the greatest happiness of his life with his uneducated parents who had been waiting for a new dawn in their dry and dispassionate lives. This is the heavy price we the public are paying for the systemic loopholes in our system. As per some reports, the operators have not renewed the permit for the bus since 2011. Our depraved political system, misgovernance, official apathy, corruption and bribery are the root causes of all our woes. Today it’s they, tomorrow it may be you and me! Time to put some serious thought and action!!

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Molecular Thoughts

Your body is the school; your mind is the passage; your vast inner consciousness the classroom; your myriad thoughts your companions and your intellect your best friend; and the deep effulgent SPIRIT within, is both the teacher and you, the student!

What’s the Purpose of Our Life?   1 comment

This is another of my post on Facebook, and I would like to share it with you. The second para is my comment in a humble way, in response to the comment of one of my fb friends. This was written when I was deeply engrossed in thoughts as to what constitutes the basic purpose of our life.

Why and what are we living for on this earth- money, wealth, luxury, status, name, fame, family, children or for the sake of living? We all know perfectly well that all these are transient and one fine day we’ll have to leave them all, and still we are constantly attaching ourselves to them! We’ll clearly understand and realize this truth if we succeed in breaking through these entanglements and think beyond all the physical manifestations. But we never dare to do so! This is the MAGIC OF LIFE!! When we come to know that there is a MORE BEAUTIFUL & AWESOME LIFE beyond the present one, everything here seems to us just like a game which everyone is hell-bent on winning! But the truth is, the true WINNERS will be those who play it boldly & honestly! And all others will be pushed back into the same perpetual and eternal abyss! Knowing the purpose of life is the first step towards living a PURPOSEFUL LIFE!!

Thanks for the comment, nowhere in my post I mentioned that we should not have hope! And neither my focus is on total Nirvana. Seeing beyond all the material manifestations doesn’t necessarily mean we renounce them all at once and take recourse to Nirvana. If I take Indian vedantic tradition, it never professes to entirely renounce this world and look for the OTHER WORLD without having seen and tasted this world. Rather it exhorts us all to live every bit of our life in total enthrallment but without any attachment to it, like a lotus flower in a pond. The lotus is always in the pond and is never gets wet by water. We can always aim for money, riches, luxury, name, fame, and status, but without attaching ourselves to them. The root cause of all the miseries in the world is this attachment, attachment to some-body or our-body or something else as if our happiness lies in them all, but in reality, our real happiness lies in ourselves. The more outbound we are, the more miserable we end up with. This is true for all the human beings on the earth without any exception, though some may not accept it. And about desires, I never mean to say that we should not have desires. We all can have desires but should never be slaves to them. It’s the kind of desire that decides and differentiates a man from the other! Man (this word includes both man and woman, if I’m allowed to use in its liberal sense) basically evolves himself/herself only because of hope. We are born with hope, make this journey with hope and may be, end up with hope. Hope is something which always keeps us moving! Movement is life and stagnation is death! Expansion is life and contraction is death! Everyone has his/her own hope and desire but it is how we handle it, control it and direct it into a proper course of action is the crux of the matter!! This comment is not to win the game but to start the game in a more cordial and affable way. Pl. correct me if I’m wrong.

Material vs Spiritual   5 comments


A sensible man/woman is always torn asunder by two different kinds of calls- one is from the Material Realm, always trying to pull him/her down and the other one is from the Spiritual Realm, constantly pulling up. We at times, can’t decide which call we should attend to. This is the exact point from where we are not sure where to go and which direction we should take! At this point of time, the Material contrives to have a complete sway over the Spiritual and the Spiritual constantly pricks our conscience not to succumb to it, and this is the root cause of our perpetual agony and restlessness. Is there no hope, no escape? We ourselves have to evolve our own mechanism/scheme in order to overcome this kind of a tricky situation! There always has to be a common point where these two kinds of calls are attended to and struck a perfect balance! Easy to say but hard to practice!! But not impossible!!!

The matter vs. spirit tussle in us has been seem to be going on since the very inception of the ephemeral world, and the man is made to fend for himself/herself amidst this never ending predicament of the life process. In a way, it seems to me that it’s a part of a much bigger cosmic rule which is beyond the level of comprehension of ordinary human beings, and for that matter, even in the case of those who are considered to be extraordinary in their senses and finest in perceptions! The rules are set in an intricate style that we can never be able to completely take shelter either in total Materialism or in complete Spiritualism and also we can never be able to dare to break the rules in order to see the aftermath, and this again is a part of a bigger conspiracy! Total dependence on Materialism destructs our long built and highly cherished human society and its bonding, and taking complete recourse to Spiritualism puts an end to the very evolutionary process called human civilization.

I frequently quote the words of the great scientist Albert Einstein in many of the occasions such as this – “Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind” (Here I’m taking religion in a more liberal sense which includes spiritualism.), and I always admire two great modern thinkers and leaders from India who worked from two extremes, whose approaches strikingly differed from each other but their inner conscience and its quest remained the same. The sole purpose of their birth and life was just to uplift the Mankind! One is Babasaheb Ambedkar who worked on Materialism as the only solution for all the ills of our society, and the other is Swami Vivekananda who worked on Spiritualism as the only remedy for all the challenges thrown to mankind by the Material world. Both of them worked relentlessly on their own chosen paths and succeeded in bringing about some meaningful denouement in Indian society, and which is going to have far reaching implications in times to come.

Though it is difficult to conclude which is the precursor for what, we can say with simple logic and common sense that unless a man is fully met with all that he/she cherishes the most materially, s(he) can never aspire to taste the spirituality and the very thought of it is a sheer abhorrence for him/her. There is another side to the coin- unless man/woman has his/her moorings in spiritual realm, his/her material life will be a total shambles! This is a big puzzle of our lives!! It takes a lifetime in many a people in order to unravel this, but what’s the use in knowing the truth after we had lived our full life based on total falsehood and bigotry? Materialism and Spiritualism are two parallel lines like the railway tracks, they never converge at any point of time but definitely help in propelling us in our long march towards our perfect destiny, if both of them are equally and meaningfully compensated for by each other.

The views expressed by me are purely personal and may not be generalized, and I always bow with deference to those who give more intellectually and spiritually driven insights.


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3Life is like a traditional balance with two parallel dishes hanging on a bar. We have to keep on adjusting the contents of both the dishes in order to make them weigh the same. How much we try to put them in perfect equilibrium, they never stop oscillating. This goes on and on and on… this is the law of nature and we got to accept it and move along with it. One advantage is, we constantly improve our dexterity and forbearance! No one in this world is perfectly happy nor anyone is totally miserable. We should always be ready to accept the reality that there is always the other side to the coin!!

Is “India, Unity in Diversity” a myth?!   Leave a comment


India was/is never one! There have always been multitude of Indias within one India. See for yourself which India you belong to, which platform you’re on and which banner you have been carrying- Race, Region, Colour, Religion, Sect, Caste, Creed, Class, Culture, Language or Gender, Theism, Atheism or Pantheism or Humanism, etc. But still, there has been some underlying cosmic influence/force that has been working on quite surreptitiously to bind us all together in our long march towards our destiny!

Myriad are all our ways but there has to be a common melting point where there is a healthy coalescence and confluence of all the different ideas/schools of thought! Utopia far-fetched!?

A perfect blend of proper English education with global perspective and time tested Indian cultural and traditional values will go a long way in making our country the most beautiful and enchanting place on our planet earth! What present Indian youth need is western scientific education coupled with Indian vedantic tradition as Swami Vivekananda points out.

India is always incredible and it never ceases me to marvel at it for its magnificence, and tenacious resilience and coherence for ages!

Many a people see India as enigmatic but I see it as magnetic, hypnotic and charismatic!!

India is the mother of all the races and the religions in the world. India has been the sentinel of peace, and the beacon light of world civilization since the time immemorial. We must be proud of being Indians.

About East vs. West, I should rather say India vs. West, I regret to say that it has been ingrained in us Indians that everything that is Indian (or Eastern) as the best and superior in comparison with that of the West because of the contemporary phenomena of the influx of the West towards the East, especially towards India for wisdom and enlightenment. This should never be the reason for boasting about the greatness of India, especially in the aftermath of the globalization and as a result of it, the cross cultural encounters. Of course India is very rich in its traditions, cultural heritage, and strong and solid institutions such as family, marriage and social value systems, but we cannot deny the fact that it has its own loopholes accumulated in course of its long historical march! There should not be any doubt that India is like the mother for all the nations with different racial backgrounds. It’s quite common that the children automatically get attracted towards their MOTHER, and the mother never feels so great about this, and rather shows her overwhelmingly pure joy, love and affection towards her sons and daughters who were lost in the vast ocean of time!

It’s here, only here, it was proclaimed वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्  / Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning “the whole world is a single family”, thousands of years ago with trumpet voice!!

About Telangana and Its Current Movement in a Nutshell   4 comments

This is my comment taken from my fb timeline, posted in response to a query of one of my fb friends who wanted know about Telangana and what its present movement is all about.


Here it goes with some editing,

Thanks for your interest in Telangana affairs. Let me start from here, I belong to the Telangana region (which was a part of the erstwhile Independent Hyderabad state/country from 1724 up to 1948 under the Nizam rulers) of the unified Andhra Pradesh state. I’m for the demerger of the Telangana state which had been forcefully merged with the then Andhra state (which ironically, got divided itself from the Madras state in 1953) very much against the wishes and interests of the innocent, generous and gullible people from the new state of Telangana in1956. Thus the unified state of Andhra Pradesh (including Telangana) was formed on November 1, 1956.

The new fledgling state of Telangana with its excessive revenue and with the highly developed capital city of Hyderabad (which was a well known city world over even before the 50’s) was cleverly merged with the then resource crunch Andhra state with huge budget deficit and without any capital city, through intense lobbying by the then highly influential Andhra political leaders and their clever lobbyists at the central level.

The Andhra people were under British rule and so they were highly educated in English and could manage having proper contacts with the central leadership, whereas, the poor Telangana people had been under various dictatorships since the beginning, and had to eke out their miserable lives in the brutal feudal social setup nurtured by the rulers who always carried their own vested interests. So the people of Telangana were highly backward socially, politically and economically, and they could not wield much power in resisting the onslaught of those from the Andhra region who unilaterally forced the merger of the Telangana state with the then Andhra state just on the false and dubious pretext of “one language one state theory”.

Their unification attempt was in fact smacked of imperial expansion and over exploitation, and to prove that, they started exploiting the people of Telangana from the day one of the forced merger. Thousands of acres of lands in and around Hyderabad have illegally been grabbed by the business politicians and the capitalists for their imperial business expansion plans, right under the nose of the fascist Andhra rulers. Lion’s share of water has been diverted to the Andhra region by constructing big lopsided irrigation projects favoring only the Andhra farmers, leaving the people of Telangana in total and perpetual lurch. Their jobs, revenue and all kinds of resources have been usurped by the bullying Andhra elite and influential sections.

Telangana language and its dialects have always been mocked at, a very vibrant culture has been destroyed, history is perverted and the total social consciousness has been made weak, powerless and dependent at their mercy. The people of Telangana were totally discriminated against on every front, by the Andhra imperial and fascist rulers who resorted to blatant favouritism and nepotism with apparent impunity, corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats, preposterous and obnoxious elite sections, unethically rich business classes and highly depraved big shots of Tollywood. All of these sections have formed themselves into a powerful clique with the single motto of exploiting the innocent Telangana people. The native people were driven out from their own cities and towns and they were made aliens in their own lands.

The movement for the “demerger” (not “separation” as most of us believe!) of Telangana with Hyderabad as its capital from the farcical, dubious and over exploitative “Imperial and fascist united Andhra Pradesh State” is a very long-standing movement (for over six decades!) for achieving self-identity, self-respect, self-rule and self-reliance is based on strong historical, socio-cultural, linguistic, political and economic reasons.

The agitation for Telangana is an anti-feudal, anti-imperial and anti-fascist movement strongly pitted against the over exploitative Andhra ruling classes and the crony capitalists.

This is about Telangana in a nutshell. I hope I made it clear in my own way as I understood, and hope you got to know something about Telangana and its movement for self-assertion!

It’s a long saga of story of exploitation, discrimination, molestation, extermination, migration, misery, hunger, suicides, and rebellion, and the list is awfully long…!

There are plenty of sites talking about Telangana issues and Telangana movement on Internet. You have to properly Google search for them, with the input of right words and phrases.

Thanks again for showing active interest in Telangana and its great long-standing movement!

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